curious about the cream MAM with the cream patent first RM

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I just ordered my first RM, a cream MAM with cream patent bottom, and I was scouring tPF but didn't see any pictures of this one anywhere! I saw the "post your white/cream RMs" thread, but those were mostly nikkis and matinees. It seems like this isn't as popular a color, and I was wondering why. I'm not sure if this color is actually "cream" or "double cream", and I am hoping the leather is as soft and supple as the leather on other RMs I've been oogling around here. :drool: If anyone has this bag, could you please share some pictures?

    I decided to get an RM because I was looking for a bag that is a similar shape and size to my givenchy satchel, which I got last summer, and it is my FAVORITE bag ever... It is about the same size as a MAB, and a lovely smooshy soft buttery leather. I've been looking everywhere for a bag similar in quality and shape, and I hope this RM bag is it! I can't wait to get my MAM in the mail, and I'm already trying to decide which to get next... I'm thinking a MAB in one of those beauuutiful saturated colors. Hmmm...anyone know where I can find a seafoam MAB?

    Oh no... is this how it begins??
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    It is a gorgeous bag so I know you'll love the look of it!! I used to own a cream patent/double cream MAB but deleted my pictures. :sad: I knew I would need/want those pictures again some day!!!

    I will tell you that the leather on my MAB was not smooth and smooshy like some of the other bags; it had some texture to it (almost pebbled.) I only wore it once before I got rid of it so it probably breaks in more and becomes deliciously smooshy like the other leathers.

    I did find a close-up of the leather on a Cream Nikki:

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  3. I was a little curious to see if there were any other threads about the smooshiness of the different leathers and I think you'll be happy to know that the pebbled leathers (like double cream) get VERY smooshy :yahoo:
    Smooshiness Differences between Pebbled & Smooth?
  4. Oh lalalalove…yes this is how it begins:tender: Welcome to the fold and do bless us with some modeling pics when your MAM arrives, that will be your official minkette initiation. Thanks for helping out kmariko, I was going to point lala to that thread. Enjoy!
  5. i have a cream and patent white matinee & i thin its probably my favoritest bag. the cream leather is amazing!! so smooshy. and its amazing to feel. i like rubbing my face on it. and i like the patent white contrast with the cream. GORGEOUS!! im kinda jealous about your MAM :P
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    thanks so much for the picture and link, kmariko! why did you end up giving up your cream MAB? this forum's got me all hyped up about my first RM, for sure. i'm kind of wishing that i'd gotten a MAB instead, because i'm usually a big bag gal (my most recent purchase was a LV speedy 40) but bagtrends had a great sale over the weekend that i just couldn't pass up.

    i'll definitely post some pictures once i get my package. and viet, i love those pictures of your bags with your lil' yorkie. adorable. i have a terrier, too, but there'll be no cute pictures of her peeking out of my bags...she's ginormous! no way i'm slinging my 25 lb mutt over my shoulder! Can't wait to share with you all!
  7. I have a double cream MAM w/patent bottom. I'll try to post pics in the next day or so. I really like the patent bottom -- I never worry too much when sitting it down (but never on the floor!).
  8. woohoo kdo! thanks so much!
  9. YESS we found a member with pics! Yay for kdo!

    lalalalove: I gave up that gorgeous bag because I have a track record of beating up my bags. I go to college football games (HORRIBLE place for designer bags!), I tutor messy kids, and I overall would be horrible at keeping a light colored bag clean. I'm sure I was mostly being paranoid... and now I regret it hehe. I want a cream Nikki!

    I will live vicariously through you, though! You MUST post mod pics when you get the bag!! :yes:
  10. The bag you got would be the Double cream leather. I LOVE Double Cream, it is truly gorgeous and you will not be disappointed!! I had the Nikki, but returned it because of the hardware (personal preference). The leather on the bag I had was super soft, pebbled, and smooshy right out of the box. Here is a pic I have of the lovely pebbled leather.

  11. :drool: stillsearching, that shot of the close up pebbled leather is awesome!!!
    I think DC leather will definitely wear well and become a buttery smoosh of loveliness, GL lalalalove this is definitely how it all begins!
  12. I love the double cream! You just reminded me that I need to get her back from my I own this bag and really love it. The leather is so different than others (as you can see in the pictures!)
  13. Wow! This MAM sounds gorgeous!! Congratulations!! Welcome to the insanity as well! Sounds like you're gonna need a Nikki if you are going to tote your 25lb. pup around!! LOL! :graucho:
  14. love that closeup of the leather, stillsearching! i can't wait until it comes in the mail. hopefully i'll get it by the end of the week. in the meanwhile i'm looking at the pictures here to tide me over...