Curious about Patchwork patterns...


Oct 23, 2007
Currently on the Coach site there are 2 different lines using the patchwork pattern in purses: "fall patchwork" and "holiday patchwork." I wanted to know if the patchwork pattern is available all year long or as more of a seasonal offering. In either case, does it change every year?

I wanted to know in case the fall patchwork will be phased out of store inventory soon. If anyone also has images or links of patchwork items from past seasons, please post them here. Hearing what you think of it from your experience would be great too.


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
if you look in the picture library, there is a thread on the patchwork line.
all of the patchwork is seasonal, there is one in the spring, one in the summer and so on.....I would think the fall patchwork will be gone when the new floorset comes in on the 26th!
then it will be at the outlets, and sometimes you can find older patchworks at the outlets too!