Curious about BV and fakes

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  1. On the forum, I spend most of my time in Hermes and we deal with fakes constantly. It is just part of the whole brand and the whole demand for Hermes goods.

    I love BV and really know nothing about the "fakes" regarding this brand. To all of you who really know the brand...are fakes out there and is there a concern? I would love to know more.

    Are the classics really copied? Are the copies obvious? What can you share?
  2. Yes there are many fakes being made of the BV's too. It is quite unfortunate. You really have to educate yourself about the real ones: colors, exact sizes, inside tags, fonts etc to discern them from the fakes. I do not think is is as much of a maze as Hermes but they do exist and there are many unscrupulous sellers.

  3. Thank you for enlightening me on this one. I wasn't sure because of the intricate weaving if they really have gone this route.
  4. Hi, actually there are some BV fakes out there (Zara did a successful copy last year). However, as the napa leather used by BV is so unique, it is fairly easy to spot the fakes imho.
  5. There are plenty of fakes. When they are the woven style, it always surprises me because that's a lot of work to make a fake woven bag. I've seen them on eBay and another online selling site (not a store). some are really obvious, some require a bit more scrutiny.

    The Hermes bags are well-known, and in limited supply, so the scammers make quite a profit on those. Kellybag, has anyone made a guess about the % of fake Hermes on eBay? I don't think BV has near the % fakes that Prada or LV have.
  6. I was shocked by how much BVs are faked. I did a search on ioffer (because I see some iffy bags on eBay and wanted to see if the styles are on ioffer, which is a HUGE red flag), and gosh, there are a lot!
    Ioffer is actually a very good tool to educate ourselves with, so we know what fakes are out there and steer clear of them on ebay.
    But of course, if the bag is right in front of me, I'll know for sure (the leather is just so distinctive).
  7. This is what scares me from buying BV online - I know balenciaga's well enough to spot a fake, but not BV. I guess i'll stick with retail + promo codes for now.
  8. There are tons of fakes/ inspired by BV bags in Singapore. However, they are pretty easy to tell them by the HORRID and STIFF leather.

    eBay on the other hand, is a whole new ball game, and I just wouldn't risk buying a BV online for now :shame:
  9. I think it's tough to spot out BV fakes from pictures as there's no distinctive hardware or effects like that to help with identification.

    The bags are just so classic and feature a simple design that is just gorgeous. I think even seeing a BV from a distance you wouldn't be able to know for sure until you got close enough so that you could see the leather or touch it.

    Real BV bags have the softest smooshiest leather ever!
  10. ^^^^A BV with stiff leather LOL :yucky: ! That's a giant red flag!! Does BV have a store there or is there a department store that sells them? My husband used to travel there and he said everything was so nice.
  11. Some of these are not even real leather but synthetic ones. It's vile!
  12. I was going to mention this too-just google ioffer and watch the fakeys flow in. Stiff, sometimes colors that are off or too bright. But very hard on the internet because the difference is so much in the feel and tiny intricate details that set them apart from the real deal.
  13. :wtf: :wtf:
  14. The fake BVs ive seen are really obvious.The leather is too shiny or stiff, or as mentioned earlier the colors are odd. It's pretty easy to tell a fake BV imo.
    Although, this summer i was in Italy, I found this little crafstman shop in Venice, he made bags that looked exactly, and i mean exactly like the BVs classic woven bags.The leather the slouch everything was so real. But that was the only fake that ive seen that had a real touch to it.