curious about bella bella style

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  1. so ive always thought the bella was a pretty bag, but the prints were always too big to see between the zippers! however, i found a black camo playground bella BELLA for sale! i love it! the print is perfect for the bella style! however, im not familiar with the bella bella style. anyone own one? can you post pics with it on for size comparison? thanksss!!!:smile:
  2. i want to see too!! tks
  3. Sorry I cannot post a picture but I bought a bella bella in black camo and it does look great in that print - I got mine at the SH outlet a few weeks ago - see that SH outlet thread and it was 50% off retail. It is hard to get a bad print placement with that print - in my opinion.
  4. do you think they still have more? im not really good with ebay id rather just buy one!
  5. You're probably better off calling southhampton to see if they have any, it won't be bid up like ebay because the outlets have them at 50% off... Someone said the bella bella looks like a big banana hanging off their arm lol, but I think its ok. The great thing about the camo print is that it looks probably just as good on a bella or smaller bag because the characters are so small... I have a denaro and there are so many characters on it!
  6. I really like the way the bella looks as well... but for me, i'm not so into smaller bags, is the bella bella much bigger? I can't tell from single photos of the bella bella or the bella... maybe someone has both they can post pics of?
  7. I don't really think the bella bella is that much bigger than the bella. I like both. The SH outlet had both as of 1 -2 weeks ago, I believe (only in black cammo)- 50% off retail. Good luck! I figured the bella bella was discontinued so it was my chance to get that style.
  8. I just got a bella bella and it was larger than I expected. Here's a couple photos - hope they help!

  9. AhhhH!!!! I love it!

    Sorry hubby, I just added a new purse to my must have list!
  10. ahhh i like how bella bella look *temptation sets in* lolx
  11. I got a Bella Bella (2 actually, Original Black and Original Print) and only after that a Bella (Arancia, solely because it was dirt cheap on eBay! $49.99)
    At first I didn't know there are 2 sizes (cause they discontinued the Bella Bella after the Summer 06 prints)
    When I got the Bella, I'm like, why is this one so small???
    Then I looked through the internet and I realised they're different sizes...:amuse:

    Yep, if you're not into small bags (like me) but love the shape, definitely for you!
    outpt: Excellent print placement on your Citta Bella! :love:
  12. And if you fill it up (like I do) it actually hangs down in the middle and then looks like a fortune cookie! I don't think it looks like a banana when on? I LOVE bella bellas! I have one in original print and one in playground!
  13. yes, it does look like a fortune cookie when i wear it. I dont really fill it up when I wear it (i only carry little stuff everywhere) and I love the look when it folds.
  14. Well, I've only carried mine a few times...and when I realized I needed to fkeep carrying a diaper style bag..(because of kids) that's when I started carrying the campeggios all the time! So really, I'm saving my b.b.'s for "going out"!