Curious About Auctions Ending Early :-(

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  1. So I had been eyeing this GORGEOUS bag and the listing asked me to submit a best offer -- I submitted something that was about 10% less than asking price. The seller rejected my offer. And today, when I go to check on the bag, the auction ended with best offer $100 dollars below my offer! Somebody else apparently got it for a lower offer -- that doesn't make sense from a seller POV. So, what do you think happened there?! :confused1:
  2. Are you a fairly new ebayer with little fb? Some seller's do not like to deal with low fb buyers because theres a bigger risk of NPB.
  3. yes -- unfortunately, my feedback is only 3 as a buyer bc of stuff i bought in undergrad and i've mostly stayed away from ebay until this month where i sold some stuff. it's frustrating for sure, i mean, i'm not a crook or someone who wouldn't pay for a bag i've taken the time to research and hunt down on ebay! but i know some sellers are wary. it's one of the consequences of having some unscrupulous buyers out there screwing over sellers. BAH! :pout:

    i really wanted that bag, too. the thought of me being able to get it for a lower price and just getting shut down based on my low feedback really bothers me. but i guess that's the way it is. i'll just keep on looking and hopefully find it and demonstrate to the seller that i'm a trustworthy gal! any tips? i mean, how will i be able to increase my buyer feedback if people don't let me BUY stuff, KWIM? :shrugs:
  4. It is really hard being new...I had one buyer that signed up that day to bid on my bag from Hong Kong. I was worried because she had no fb and did not contact me at all plus PP held the funds for 24 hours because she was new but in the end she turned out to be super sweet! I am having troubles with my last transaction and the buyer had a little under 100 fb! So you never really know!

    It might be helpful if you communicate with the buyer prior to the purchase and put their mind at ease.
  5. Many reason why Sellers sometimes went with the lower best offer. The other reason, probably that they has previous transaction with that other buyer. And sellers nowadays checked potential buyer's feedback very carefully to see what kind of goods they bought, what kind of feedback they left to sellers, etc.
  6. I also look at feedback left for others before accepting an offer.
  7. Absolutely. I even cancel their bids (and blocked them) if after I checked the feedback left for others I was not very impressed. I even put this on my Term Of Sale that I have the right to cancel one bid if they have awful feedback left for others.
  8. Thanks so much for your replies. I think I'm just going to keep trying hard to establish that good record and feedback. Hopefully, I will be given the chance to prove myself!
  9. If you really want to build your feedback on eBay, try purchasing a few small or inexpensive items and gain positive feedback this way. Of course, you'll want to buy things you want/need, but it's an easy way to establish yourself as a reliable buyer, and it won't cost you much! :biggrin:
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    Hello OP,

    I wanted to also suggest that you buy some other items and pay immediately, be a great buyer, and gain more feedback. And I also agree with the poster who suggested that you communicate with the seller in a very nice way, explaining that you have little feedback but are a responsible person with strong intentions to follow through with your offer. That won't guarantee anytihng, but it may change the seller's mind about selling to you (if something like this were to occur in the future). Good luck to you!


    I also wanted to respond to those posters who feel that anyone who leaves negative feedback would be banned from buying your items. While I feel that you have every right to set your own parameters and conditions regarding who you will or won't sell to, I would like to speak from a buyer's perspective who has left several negative feedbacks for sellers.

    Most sellers are great, or at least follow through with what they say. However, a large number of sellers list items that are not in the condtion that they are actually in. I am dealing with this today, as I bought a LAMB handbag that was listed as being in **MINT** condition (her words, not mine). I received it yesterday, and it has scuffs on the corners, stains everywhere (though the leather is a dark color so it's not as obvious as if it were white - but as I condition each leather item I receive, I notice everything as I'm conditioning and caring for the leather), scratches on the hardware, gold emboss that is fading. I have not yet left feedback, but if they remain unresponsive to my messages, I may do so. This is not by FAR the only person who has done this. I would say that a good number of the preowned handbags that I buy are in condition not as described in the listing. I find it frustrating, but it is part of the process of separating the wheat from the chaff. And when the seller has obviously and KNOWINGLY lied about the condition of an item, I will absolutely leave negative feedback. Otherwise, how will other buyers know?

    The sellers that immediately take responsibility for their actions are not in this category. I bought another LAMB handbag that was also scuffed and worn when described as NWT, but as a display bag. The hardware was so scratched that it was losing its gold color. However, as soon as the seller received my message, she apologized, and took responsibility for her mistake - and I left her positive feedback, because she behaved ethically. Most people who knowingly lie, do not then change colors and become ethical, and I believe that deserves neg. feedback.

    Again, I feel that every seller deserves to set their own parameter - and if a seller didn't want to sell to me, well I would also not want to buy from them. Neither one of us needs the headache. I just wanted to share the perspective of a buyer who is very tired of buying/paying for items that are NOT what they are described to be, then dealing with the hassle of getting a refund, filing a dispute sometimes, paying for return shipping, etc. I could have bought another bag for the money I've spent on return shipping!

    Thanks so much to all buyers and sellers who behave ethically and make ebay a nice experience - it is MUCH appreciated!! :flowers:

    PS I wanted to add this thought: if you could warn other sellers if a buyer promised to pay and then didn't, or didn't pay and then lied, or lied about the condition of the item upon receipt of it, wouldn't you do so? I certainly would. I hold very strongly to the belief that each person is responsible for their own behavior - if they don't behave decently, then it should be recorded for others to take note of. I know that as a seller, I can't leave that feedback, but I am as proactive as I can be if the buyer does do something that is unethical, and I don't think that, as a buyer, I should NOT report dishonest behavior just because sellers cannot report it. That doesn't seem to make sense in my world. Just my opnion, of course, I know others will disagree, but I felt the need to address the neg. feedback situation.