Curiosity poll..How many of us are former LV addicts

  1. I confess, I used to live, eat,sleep and breathe LV.

    But one day I woke up and found myself lurking in the Chanel forum. That was last spring/summer.
    The Cambon line was hot then. i bought a few, but still lived for LV.

    But now I'm really sick of LV and am LOVING Chanel. My obsessions of the moment are flap bags

    Anyone else? I know there are many gals who I used to hang out in the LV forum w/ who are now regulars on this forum. SHOW YOUR FACES!!! :roflmfao:

    Share your story.
  2. Me.....I was there (LV forum section) for a very short time and then found my way to the Chanel forum section.

    I still love my LV / GM Manhattan but I am addicted to Chanel.:heart:
  3. I've never been a LV lover, but I'm glad that you did find your way to us Chanel girls. :yahoo:
    Seems like we lost Claudia to LV :graucho:, did you girls swap places?
  4. Me! Well, I don't post much as I used to, so I'm not sure if I can be considered a regular anywhere :p The only handbags I've been buying lately have been Chanel. I go to LV mainly for the accessories now :yes: I prefer shoulder bags over handheld and I just find that Chanel has cuter and more versatile ones than LV :heart:
  5. I am right where you are! I used to LOOOVE LV and I would come here once in a while to look at Chanel, but I still loved LV. Now I'm like LV who? Flaps are my obsession tooooo!
  6. I started my LV craze a few years ago and bought several pieces. Then I bought my first Chanel...a cambon (when it first came out). I was in Chanel heaven and hooked. I have sold most of my LV's to fund my Chanel addiction. My LV collection has dwindled while my Chanel's have multiplied! Though I still have a couple of LV's that I can't depart with. The only LV I really would like to have is the Manhattan GM. Other than that, it's all Chanel.
  7. When I first joined tPF I was went into the LV forum and learned so much. I had a few LV and just wanted more! I love that LV comes out with new and interesting designs/ lines very often. Then somewhere along the line I found the vachetta too high maintenance for me and my wandering eye caught the Balenciaga bug for their subtle cool. Lovely lovely bag and no logos. Somewhere along the line I decided I was able to afford Chanel - took a peek in here and the rest is history! Huge huge fan of the flaps especially reissues lately, but I'm hoping to venture into a tote bag soon!
  8. I used to love LV....I had a ton of monogram bags, I just loved them. But when the Cambon line came out, I bought a medium tote and loved it.......ever since then, I have been hooked on I'm into the flap bags, but still love the Cambon line too.

    I don't hate LV now, but I feel as if I have outgrown the line....I have a few Suhali pieces that I love, and I do want a Mirror Lockit...other than that, I'm sticking with Chanel.
  9. I was a big LV fan forever...I still like the Vernis line since they are so different than any other leather bags....other than that...I want my future bags all chanel...
  10. where's the poll!? LOL!

    No, not me:nogood:
  11. Me too. I used to love LV. In fact, I knew every style they had, knew the price, dimensions,, you name it. My sister in law named a few new styles that recently came out and I was like huh? What's that? LV was hot when the Murakami cherry blossum and multicolor came out. After that, it kind of fizzled.

    Im obsessed with flaps too. I'd want one in every color.
  12. me.... I barely have any LV's left
  13. there's a LOT of new transplants in here recently:yes:

    LOVE the new blood, makes the conversations more interesting!
  14. I still buy LV..mostly limited pieces though.Chanel definately stole my heart though..LOL!Prefer a Chanel over an LV..fer sure!
  15. OK. I admit. I'm a transplant. lol. But I'm definitely not thinking about LV 24/7 now. :wtf: One addiction has been replaced by another.............Chanel :angel: