Curb Your Enthusiasm

  1. Anyone love that show..for its writing, acting and quick witted humor..?? I do..I'm not crazy about a lot of the same stuff my friends are, like Weeds and Californication.all that just seems like been there done that with the writing and acting.

    I also appreciate Dexter on SHO..I think his new season starts in a week or two..
  2. LOVE THIS SHOW. I was so glad they started a new season. I thought it was over and done with it since they waited so long in between. So happy it's not!! Definately the funniest show on TV.
  3. OMG Who doesnt love Larry David!!! Remember Krazy eyes Killah, and the Tent in his pants? LOL I love it when he visits Jeff and Suzy goes off on him!! She is relentless.
  4. Strangely enough, I love this show, but absolutely hate Seinfeld...weird right?
  5. I watched the first few seasons and then sort of stopped watching for no reason. Will have to get back into it b/c it is really funny. One of my fav episodes was when Larry gets the job as the car salesmen.

    I need to catch up on Dexter. Saw an episode or 2 when it was first on and liked it but vowed to watch from the beginning and never have. Must check it out on demand. I love Michael Hall (I think that is his name). He was great on 6 Feet Under... one of my fav shows of all time, still miss it....:crybaby:
  6. Curb ... is one of my favorite shows! Every time DH and I watch Larry put his foot in his mouth, we cringe because I can totaly see my DH doing/saying something like this!:lol: Great writing! Suzy is priceless! (You fat f*ck and four eyed f*ck!:lol:) Remeber Richard's cousin Louis Louis that didn't want to part with his organs? LMAO!!!

    And I am TOTALLY HOOKED on Dexter! I watched all of season 1 on demand and can't wait for the second season to begin.
  7. Is this a new season? I noticed its been coming on lately.
  8. Yep it's a new season... only two episodes in so far.
  9. I like this show too, it's odd in it's own way, but I like it.
  10. Omagosh, ME TOO..can't stand that show weird...but gotta love Larry David..!!!
  11. RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON!!!:yes:
  12. When does this show come on, seems like they arent doing reruns this time 'round.
  13. The show is on Sunday nights in Canada.
  14. Love Curb!! So glad there's finally a new season!!!
  15. Larry David is brilliant...we love this show and watch the repeats at 7:30 and the new season of course. Beyone the hilarity of Larry himself, Jeff absolutely cracks me up...just the expression on his face alone is funny. I hear the show is basically non scripted and they just adlib the general concept which is why they crack each other up so much..I also love Larry's father.