curb chain link bracelets?

  1. so i'm not really sure if to post this in the jewelry or the general shopping, but i'm looking for curb chain links (similar to the one in the picture below) because i'm in charge of my little cousin's 9th bday party and was hoping that this could be one of their DIY arts and crafts projects!

    does anybody know where i can find anyplace that sells these in the San Francisco area? OR if any place that i can buy from and have them ship to me?
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    Great idea!
    Many bead shops sell bulk chain by the foot where I live, so it may be worth phoning around to see if they have any.
    Otherwise, there are lots of supply stores online like that sell supplies. The only caveat is if you're not familiar with the gauge of the links, you may end up ordering something too small. The links in your picture are very heavy, so you'd be looking for a very low gauge.
    Do you need to order clasps and jump rings to attach charms too? What about pliers to open and close the jump rings? You could also check eBay for chain bracelets that already have the clasp on them.
    Good luck!

    Here are some lots of bracelets (but silver tone)
  3. i suggest going to your local craft stores and see if you can find the style of links that you want. then you can get an idea of the size and gauge (it should say on the packaging). then you can go online (etsy is sometimes a great place to find bulk chain) and search for exactly what you need.
    buying online is SUPER difficult if you're not sure what you're looking for.
    i just bought a ton of silver chain and i thought from all their photos it was exactly what i wanted (something small but not too small). and when i got it the lines are TINY. like so tiny i have no idea how i'm going to use it because none of my jump rings will fit through the links.

  4. thanks for your advice :flowers: !! i was thinking this chain(pictures from etsy) because i've been making all these woven chain bracelets for family, friends, etc and was thinking maybe my little cousin would love it since she's into crafts and making things yourself lol

    the chain by itself doesn't seem like it looks so heavy.. i messaged the seller a few days ago asking for measurements but they haven't replied soooo i'm kinda stuck with guessing the size of one link (for now?) >_<

    do either of you (or anybody else) know which chain IS NOT made of super heavy metal? is it aluminum? or is the weight just based on the size of the chain?
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  5. i would think that with anything cheap or inexpensive you probably won't have to worry too much about weight. the cheaper chains are usually pretty light no matter which size of chain links you get.
  6. oh i've seen those on etsy! thought about making them myself but never have.
  7. yeah! they're super cute and easy to make. my little cousin loves them! lol she's had me make her about 7 all in different color but I've run out of chain and was hoping to find a diff type of chain to try it out on lol.
  8. If you have Hobby Lobby, Michaels or JoAnns in your area, you might find a great selection of chains there. You can even get some at Walmart or Ben Franklin --- I've seen big chains of Cousin Corp. on both stores.

    And I agree that eBay is a great resource for this too... other online jewelry stores you can check are Fire Mountain Gems, ArtBeads, and Rings & Things.
  9. OMG can someone please tell me where this is?! :faint: i saw this from this website a few weeks ago and was able to save it, but forgot to save who posted it so i could be able to ask them =/ but if i remember correctly i think the OP of it was somewhere either NYC or Australia? >_<
  10. awesome.
  11. That's Beads World in NYC. They have a huge selection of base metal chains. What you see in that photo is not even a quarter of what they have (but not all goldtone - they have copper, silver, gunmetal, etc. too).

  12. :ty::urock::hugs: thank youuuu!! i've been going crazy on google/yelp/anywhere trying to figure out where this place is lol. good thing i'm going to new york soon so i can stop by there!
  13. You're welcome! It's on Broadway between 37th and 38th Streets. Nearby, Toho Shoji on 6th between 36th and 37th also has a good selection of base metal chain. Have fun! I spend way too much time in both stores. :smile: