Curating the perfect wardrobe


Mar 9, 2012
Hey Ladies,

So I have finished cleaning out my closet and dresser of clothes that are worn and I don't want to be caught wearing them! I know if I have them, I might be tempted to put it on, so I decided to just toss them, for once and for all. The biggest culprits were cardigans that I have accumulated. I like them because it is easy to throw on, especially over a dress, but man, do they wear out!

I noticed that my wardrobe is kind of haphazard and I'm missing a lot of things that I should have. I only just bought my first pencil skirt a few weeks ago, and it was a lovely bright neon from J Crew. Not exactly versatile, but I love it.

Id love to see what you think are essentials for your wardrobe, including quantities ie 4 pairs of jeans, or 2 white oxford shirts. Or if you have any links to guides that would be great!

Also, for essentials, is it better to buy something relatively cheap because you know you will wear them out anyway, or is it really worth it to buy something a bit more expensive and get a bit more wear out of it. Example, I need a grey v neck sweater. Should I be looking at Gap or Jcrew?
Jun 26, 2007
I like to divide my wardrobe into work, party, and casual. (Obviously some things can overlap)

For work I like to have:
- dress pants and pencil skirts in neutral colors (i.e black, gray, navy, tan)
- blouses in flattering colors/prints
- conservative well-fitting dresses in flattering colors
- cardigans in neutral colors
- flats in neutral colors
I like to focus on having a lot of mix/match pieces in my work wardrobe so I tend to buy a lot of blouses in fun prints that I can wear with a solid bottom.

-Little black dress (duh)
-unique cocktail dresses (i.e. bright colors, interesting cut, etc)
-black mini skirt
-black stiletto pumps
-comfortable wedges that you can actually dance in all night long

- Skinny jeans in a dark wash and a light wash
- cotton button up shirts and popovers
- v neck tshirts in neutral colors
- fun flats and flip flops

Those are pretty much my basics and what I gravitate to first when I'm dressing for each occasion. I think it's really important to stock up on good quality basics, and buy the highest quality that you can afford. Right now, the highest I can afford is J.Crew/Ann Taylor/Banana Republic.

Honestly I think the "perfect" wardrobe is something different to everyone. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you spend the majority of your time doing.


<3 Mulberry
Jan 8, 2012
I could not do without:

Leggings, mainly black, but some textured pairs;
Casual vest tops that can be dressed up or down;
A dress that could be worn day or night;
Black tights;
A casual denim skirt;
Oversized jumper, neutral colours;
A neutral pencil skirt;
A shirt that can be thrown over a vest.

Don't have a work outfit as yet as I have a uniform in my current job


Jan 20, 2012
Find your favorite fashion bloggers and steal looks from them. Then you'll know what you need and what you are missing.

There is a recent thread on favorite fashion blogs.

I don't spend more than $100 or so on a clothing item unless I know I'm going to use it a lot. So I haven't gotten the J Crew bug yet. Though I bought some tee shirts there for $10 each once.

I do basically black and dark brown in pants and skirts, dark blue jeans, white blouse, then get assorted tops & tees & jackets.

Add black and dark brown ankle boots, black and nude pumps, brown sandals, black and brown bags.

Then get creative with stuff you love: scarfs, jewelry, tops, more jackets, pants, skirts.

I don't do well with dresses, so I make solid dresses from tops and skirts.

Oh, I'm getting my first pair of wedge sneakers on Tuesday. I think they will be a staple because I can be tall and comfortable for walking errands and not have to worry about hems dragging on the ground.


Pret A Porter P
Sep 7, 2009
You can google &#8220;Wardrobe Essentials&#8221; etc&#8230; there are many articles, books (Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Lucky Magazine, etc&#8230;), blogs, etc&#8230; that have written about this topic. You can get an idea of what you may need, and adjust it towards your lifestyle. Also there's a similar thread here

For work I keep a minimal color palette consisting of BLACK, BLUE (navy), white, grey, cream. That way everything mixes and matches. I do throw in some colors occasionally like raspberry pink, burgundy, teal because they go well with my neutrals.

For work:
- Pants for flats and heels
- Long Cardigans
- Black Suit (as you can interchange the pieces)
- Navy Blazer
- Black Tees
- Sailor/Breton stripe tops
- Blue Shirts
- Silk scarves

For casual:
- Jeans that can be worn with flats. A dark wash pair is the most versatile.
- Tees (black or white)
- Long Sweaters / Printed Coats

**For sweaters I recommend Uniqlo or Brooks Brothers outlets. Same prices as Gap/J.Crew but better quality. I find merino wool to be a durable and relatively seasonless fabric.


Góðan Daginn
Jun 9, 2011
I'm making a list of how my wardrobe should look like, so much easier to shop from there and not to make any impulse buys. This is what I got so far, not finished yet so..

- White T-shirts (5x)
- Black T-shirts (5x)
- Fred Perry Polos (10x)
- Navy White Striped Shirts (3x)
- Navy T-shirts (5x)
- Black Tank tops (5x)
- Navy Tank tops (5x)
- White Tank tops (5x)

- Denim Skinny Jeans
- Black Skinny Jeans
- Navy Chinos
- Beige Chinos
- Black Skater Skirts

- Burberry Trenchcoat
- Parka
- Quilted Jacket

- Little Black Dress
- A few dresses for going out
- A few dresses for summer

Jackets & Knitwear
- Wool sweaters (15x)
- Chanel Jacket
- Jackets (4x)
- Wool cardigans (10x)