Cupid vs. Mini MAB

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  1. I have been thinking about buying another RM bag not too far from now, and I have a really hard time deciding between the two.

    From pictures, and even videos, it is pretty hard to see how the bag would appear in real life. I can't go buy it at a store, so I want to make sure I looked at enough images.

    I was hoping that any of you who own one of the two (or both!) can tell me a little more about them. Like what do you prefer about each bag etc.

    I also have a few questions, and would be happy if anyone could answer a few:

    - How would you describe the leather on both bags? In a Video from Zappos it looked shiny and plastic, which is not what I want.
    - How well does each bag retain it's shape? I would not want it too slouchy.
    - Do you find any of the bags looks large? I am pretty small and want to make sure the bag isn't too large.

    I really do like the flap detail many of RM's bag feature, and I don't own a bag in these particular shapes yet. :smile:
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    hello, welcome to the RM purseforum... would you please let us know which color(s) you're looking at? the leathers used could be different for different colors, FYI.

    size-wise, i think MAM would look better for petite size. but Cupid looks more fashionable and it's more versatile in my opinion. some Cupids use softer leathers and it's even better. there's mini Cupid that you might also be interested in. it looks tiny but it holds up everything i need without distorting the look/ shape of the bag.

    if you look for a more structured look, i'd suggest these colors: Black Cherry and Plum. do let us know your favorite color so that we can tell which ones meet your requirements ;)
  3. Oh, I did not know that! I haven't researched the colors properly or firmly decided on what color I want but I like:

    • All sorts of reds or purples would work
    • Pink tones
    • All blues, that includes light blue, turquoise
    • Sand or grey

    NO: Black, brown, green, yellow, orange, white

    I fear that is not much help, since these are so many also really depends what will be available here for me (in Germany) once I have saved up the money.
  4. you can order the bag online... i have shopped with RevolveClothing, Amazon, ShopBop, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and i'd recommend the first 4 for their good customer service and fast shipping :yes:
  5. for the purple tone, i'd say Plum.
    for the blue tone, Azure might be good.
    both of these shades use a stiffer leather which is a bit glazed.

    in my memory all greys and pinks are soft unless it's saffiano.
  6. I'd just like to contribute on the slouch of the leather. I have both bags. Generally, both are not structured bags though they might look so. My Cupid has been used only about 2x so far so it still retains its shape, but I already see signs of it slouching. I've seen photos too of broken in ones and they really lose the structured shape. It's a big bag so you need a lot of stuff to make sure it stands up. The MAM I think is smaller and stands up on its own with my stuff in.

    Personally, I prefer the MAM, it is less embellished but still classy and elegant. Also, it is more the right size, not too big not too small. If you're on the petite side I think MAM would suit you better.
  7. I worry about customs fees. They are very high :sad:.

    Oh, does glazed = shiny? Because I'd take slouchy over anything shiny ;) I like leather to look really natural with some texture.

    I took a peek at the colors at Zappos:

    Minty, Twilight Sky, Azure, Coral, Scarlet, Navy4, Navy2, Soft Grey, Taupe,

    I always have a very hard time deciding, so it is good that I am planning months ahead :graucho:

    In this Video, the cupid bag looks VERY shiny, almost like patent leather: :/
    That is why I was asking how shiny the leather is.

    I really liked how her cupid looked in this YT Video though:
    Great color and lining :heart:

    I wasn't able to find many good Mini MAB Videos, only this at Zappos:
    The bag has a nice shape, it seems to be a tad bigger or wider than the cupid to me?
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    Thank you that was very interesting :smile:
    A bit of a slouch is totally okay. It does not have to be as structured at the mini MAB. I also want to stuff all my bags in the future, since it really seems to help retain the shape and avoids permanent dents.
    I did not know the cupid is a bit bigger. I am 5'5", but very small framed, so I would look weird with a very big bag. :P
    As far as hardware goes, I like both, the simplicity of the MAM and the details of the cupid...tough choice!

    Edit: I just saw a bag called the MAB mini mini? There is an even smaller one?
  9. To guide you also, there are lots of pictures here in the forum on the Cupid and the MAM. Check out the threads on the "Pictures of you and RM in Action" and "Which RM bag are you wearing today?" plus threads specific to Cupid and to MAMs (mini MABs). There are tons of pictures that could help you make your decision.
  10. if you have a hard time to choose between the two and you are going to buy from the store nearby, i'd suggest you go and try both and see how you feel about them. what's keeping me from getting more MAMs is really about the new shoulder strap. i am a person who wears bags on my shoulder so that i can have both of my hands free and the new strap can functionally do that but it looks ugly if you hook both ends to the clasps on both sides or add an extra ring on the rings in the front and at the back to hook the rings up. so, basically i wear my MAMs (with the new shoulder straps) as a satchel all the time and during the winter (don't wanna get the handles oily and sweaty in the summer). for Cupid, i can wear it on my shoulder as a hobo, carry the top handles as a satchel and use the shoulder strap to make it a crossbody or shoulder bag. that's why i said it's more versatile.

    my Cupid is in Sea Green, which is a teal color and the leather is matte and soft but i'd prefer it soft as i feel more comfy with it under my arm. if you prefer that way, i'd say a Cupid might be better.

    if you usually wear bag as a satchel, either bag is fine. given you don't mind the soft leather (which is hard to define cuz i hardly broke in any bag so far unless i've applied some leather lotion for protection but it doesn't really break it in as i can see so i guess i have not used my bag long or 'brutal' enough :biggrin:

    if you buy from the store nearby, the bad thing is the choice. i don't think your store carries more colors than those online retailers. if you're scared by the high customs tax, maybe you can consider a freight forwarder. i have no experience in this. some members have used it though.

    the MAMM is very tiny... i think it's just about the size of a mini MAC maybe a bit bigger but that's it.
  11. I recently had a hard time choosing between and mini MAB and a Cupid myself I did have the option to go into the store and try the bags on to see what I liked best. But I ended up getting a Cupid because it looked better on my frame I'm 5'2. I have the color Lavender which is like a taupe pinkish grey color and it has a slight sheen but isn't shinny I've also notice the sheen is starting to go away as I break It in, the leather is extremely soft and nice to the touch. It is a tad bit slouchy when I have it empty but when I have things in it it gets it shape back pretty quickly. The other day I went and tried the Mini mab on again because I was having second thoughts and I still love my Cupid. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396850369.802988.jpg
  12. guess i've read it wrong. i thought you're going to buy it from a store. sorry. if not from the store, not from online retailers... are you going to get one from eBay/ second-hand website? if so, just be careful and do study the photos and ask the sellers for more photos and details if the listing does not provide enough info. good luck! :smile:
  13. KaseyHK

    I would love to see the bags at a is just that I don't think RM is sold in stores in Germany :sad:. I posted a thread in the shopping section, hoping someone could tell me where I can buy the MAM or cupid. German online stores don't carry them, only mini macs and 5zips etc.
    I prefer to wear bags crossbody, or over the shoulder using the long crossbody strap. The mini mini will definitely be too small then. I was planning to use it for work. I summer/ early fall I will be going back to work after three years of being a stay at home mom/ working from home. So the bag is for that occasion :smile:
    I will probably take a small notepad along, a book...etc.

    Soft leather feels great, and in most pictures I have seen the bags didn't look shapeless worn. What they look like worn is most important as they will be stored stuffed :biggrin:
    I have only seen one picture where the bag had a lot of dents and it looked empty when worn,
    But who knows, some people don't stuff their bags and store bags on top of bags etc. ;)
  14. So do you feel like the Cupid is smaller? Maybe the sheen is some sort of protective finish? I had this happen with my Fossil bag too.
    This really makes me wish I could try them on. But tbh, I think I would be happy with both and possibly purchase the other one in the future ;)
  15. So do you feel like the Cupid is smaller? Maybe the sheen is some sort of protective finish? I had this happen with my Fossil bag too.
    This really makes me wish I could try them on. But tbh, I think I would be happy with both and possibly purchase the other one in the future ;)
    Slouchy when empty isn't a problem at all, I only care about worn. :smile: