Cupcakes - how I spent my day...

  1. I hate hate hate baking - but it is my baby's b-day right now :yahoo: so obviously had to get some baking done.... and I had to share the fruits of my labour! i spent the last 10 hours and am so exhausted now...but hopefully it will have been worth it.
    IMG_1354 (Large).JPG IMG_1355 (Large).JPG IMG_1356 (Large).JPG IMG_1357 (Large).JPG IMG_1358 (Large).JPG
  2. and one more pic.
    IMG_1359 (Large).JPG
  3. Thats alot of cupcakes!
    They look really good :yes:
  4. Wow, I am sooooo hungry now!!!! :cry: Looks great! :smile:
  5. that blue frosting? YUMMY!!! I'm drooling all over the keyboard!! I have a serious love affair w/ cupcakes!
  6. Those look great. I love cupcakes.
  7. :drool: Feel like sharing a few LOL!!!?!??!
  8. yummmmy. I want some cupcakes now :drool:
  9. Do they taste as delicious as they look?
  10. I love baking but I've never made as much as you have in one go... they look fabulous!

    thanks for the droolworthy pics!

  11. I love cupcakes.

    Will you be my roommate????

  12. i love them. he will love them too. Happy Birthday to him. :balloon::balloon::balloon::dothewave:
  13. wow lara..they look delicious!!!!
  14. those look marvelous!! i hope he enjoys them!!
  15. Wow, yummmmmy....