cupcake_flake's petite collection of Celine

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  1. Here's my very small, but very cherished, collection of Celine bags and accessories. :love: It certainly does not rival most of the gloriously large collections of most of you purse fashionistas, but it's still growing (hopefully!) :shame: My parents started off my collection with the little black monogram hobo bag and black monogram suede wallet for a milestone birthday. I've since bought the rest on my own and I hope to add more coloured bags in the future.. if only I could get over my love for black!

  2. thanks for sharing! i love the golden one! :love:
  3. Thank you! :shame: The gold one is a favourite of mine as well.. it's great for going out at night!
  4. Very nice collection! The gold one is really pretty.
  5. lovely bags, I love that little pink one.
  6. What is that black in medium size one? It looks like a boston or hobo style... it looks so gorgeous. Lovely!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Love the pink!
  9. Celine is great! Congrats!
  10. Thanks for you looking everyone! :smile: And for your kind comments :wlae:

    brandedlover, do you mean the bag in the middle? The one the pink bag is sitting on? That one is the Kanata bag from the Fall 2006 collection.. it's more a dark mahogany than a black. My first venture into brown bags! Can be found on net-a-porter right now, if you need ;) Celine Asymmetric shoulder bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  11. Aww.. how cute is that charm bracelet !
  12. LOVELY!!! Thanks for sharing:love:
  13. Great collection. I love the gold bag.
  14. Love the Kanata. Have never seen that one before.
  15. Lovely collection!