Cupcake Trance

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  1. That's hilarious! The look on his face is precious!
  2. Great video. My two have been known to go into that same kind of food trance on occasion!!
  3. I saw that one...his expression is hilarious!
  4. I've watched this at least 4 times and it still gets me to LOL! His look is just PRICELESS!
  5. Oh my god, I'm dying over here! :roflmfao: Poor guy.
  6. This is the first time I actually laughed at somethng on The Soup.

    Saw this last week, we now have it bookmarked. So funny!
  7. it's hilarious.... but am I the only one who thinks its a bit mean as well? poor doggie... he wants one so bad
  8. everytime I see that on the soup I totally dissolve into giggles.....
  9. I totally loved that!! HILARIOUS!!
  10. We saw this on The Soup, too, and I thought my husband was going to wet his pants he was laughing so hard! Almost as good as Spaghetti Cat!
  11. I saw that episode, it looked like the cupcakes had magical powers and put him in a trance.
  12. Oh my, I dont know what was funnier the look on the poor dog or the comments of the guy.

    "he went to his special place where dogs are free to eat cupcakes" :lol:
  13. After thinking about it, it does seem kind of mean: "See these? You can't have 'em!"

    Or maybe it's a test of the dog's discipline. Like when Dr. Phil had children sit around a table filled with candy cookies and toys and told the parents to tell their young'uns to not touch anything on the table.

    Dr. Phil and the parents then watched the kids on hidden cameras to see which kids actually followed through with what their parents said.