Cupcake Addiction

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  1. Is anyone else addicted to cupcakes? How can I resolve my cupcake addiction? Half joking, but half serious... they're like my kryptonite :sweatdrop:

    I esp. like Sprinkles cupcakes in L.A. (see pic)


  2. Oops, just realized I posted this in the wrong subforum! Can someone move this to Food? Thanks!
  3. Those look soooo good! I love cupcakes also. I used to buy grocery store cupcakes every time I went, but that stopped once i moved to the states. haha so...maybe just move to another country?!:yes:
  4. Mmmmm, I'm with you on the cupcake addiction.

    There is an awesome little shop in my city that has THE most amazing cupcakes ever. My favourite is "Nutty over Chocolate". Chocolate cake with creeeeamy peanut buttery icing. They are deadly!!
  5. Magnolia's cupcakes are delicious
  6. I have an addiction to the orange Hostess cupcakes! I've had cupcakes from Magnolia in Soho and the Hostess cupcakes to me are wayyy better! Magnolia cupcakes are yummy though and veryyy soft.

    mmmm now i want cupcakes!!!
  7. ^ I've always wanted to try Magnolia. They are supposed to be the original, no? I read somewhere that Sprinkles is supposed to be their west coast "rival".

    My fave right now is dark chocolate. They also had a limited-time special during Halloween: Caramel Apple. It was spiced cake w/ caramel swirls and studded w/ apple pieces, topped w/ cream cheese frosting... :rolleyes: :love:
  8. WOW Those look amazing!! I think you will get me addicted!! I want tto go out and buy some ASAP!!
  9. I will definitely be trying Magnolia cupcakes!!!!
  10. i LOOOOOVE magnolia :drool: they're cupcakes are soooo good.....but lately whenever i get a craing i remind myself how crazy long the line is.....altho that doesn't really stop me most of the time :graucho:
  11. They're so adorable!
  12. :huh: wish they had something like that in arizona
  13. Yum!!! I like cupcakes with just the right amount of icing on top. Some of the bakeries here put so much. That one looks just right. :smile:
  14. never had a cupcake , gotta try one