Cup cakes anyone?

  1. These were gifted by sweet toscaong to dear Queenie, who is due to pop in a month's time. Aren't they cute? :amuse: We wish you a smooth delivery :heart:
  2. They were just too cute to be eaten!!!

    tosca, sorry that we couldn't meet.

    Queenie, have a safe and quick delivery!
  3. That is TRUE CUTENESSS!!!!! WOW!!!!
  4. Wow, those are so cute :cutesy: Wishing you a smooth delivery!
  5. awww, so sweet
  6. that is sooo cute i bet they taste yummy
  7. These are so CutE!!!. I am glad to hear and know that you guys love and care for each other. I am sending my love and best wishes your way too. :heart::love: Happy new Year.

  8. Those are adorable!!! What a fun thing to do. Where on earth did you get the little Hermes? You have one creative bakery there!

    Hoping for Queenie a smooth last month and delivery and a healthy little one!
  9. Those are the cutest cupcakes ever! I cannot believe how good the bags look!

    Have an easy, safe delivery Queenie!!! We are all so excited for you!:heart:
  10. Those are so cute ! You did an excellent job on those little Hermes
  11. aww!! they look soo yummy ;]
    and good luck with the delivery!;)
  12. Those are just so sweet! Sending you best wishes for a smooth delivery of your new bundle, Queenie!
  13. Awww, adorable!!!!!

    Good luck, Queenie! Wishing you all the best!!!
  14. Good luck Queenie! Wishing you a easy and smooth delivery! Can't wait to see pics of the little one :smile:
  15. That sure do look yummy.

    Good luck Queenie.