Cumin City Experiences

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  1. I received a Cumin City yesterday; it has a nice sheen to it. I love that particular variation of tan because it reminds me of the early carmel bags.

    I would like to hear from others who own a Cumin City about how the leather wears. Are you pleased with yours? Its been a while since I purchased a new bag, so maybe the "newness" is throwing me off. Plus, I usually purchase work style bags, so I am venturing out into a different look. with the city. I am early in the return time frame, so I would love to start hearing from all of you!
  2. I've had mine for over a year and have carried it a few time. I love the color, but I can't really speak to how it is wearing. Sorry. The leather seems pretty substantial and nice though.
  3. I got mine a few weeks ago (cumin with regular hardware). get the impression that the handles could look dirty after a while. I use a lot of handcream though.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply!

    Do you think your leather has become "chewier" as you have carried it? That's the wrong term to use since the leather seems to get thinner and thinner with each year. I don't know how else to describe what I am getting at. Maybe squishy/thicker is a better way of stating what I mean.
  5. I agree with you in that all the lighter colored bags have the potential for darkened handles! I appreciate the reminder!
  6. The bag that I have has pretty distressed leather. That is what I think of when I use the term "chewy." I don't think that means that is gets thinner, but it definitely will get more squishy. You should post a pic of yours.

    In terms of the darkened handles, on some colors, I really don't mind it much. I personally think that this is one of those colors. It will look more vintage than dirty. :smile:
  7. The one I have is nicely distressed also, and I do love its glossy sheen.

    I really did not explain myself well in the previous post. I guess I am wondering how the '12 Cumin leather is breaking in.