Cult Status Sale (this time the 'good' bags are being reduced!)

  1. Hey girls/ guys

    Just received this email from Cult Status

    "As a valued CultStatus Customer, you are invited to special Balenciaga sale. This special was created just for you and is not transferable. This offer expires Monday, 25 June 2007 is not open to the public.

    We are pleased to offer you a 30% discount on Spring/Summer 2006 colour Balenciaga bags (black is excluded from the sale). All previous discounted Balenciaga bags (including the Floral/Etoile range – previously reduced by 40%) will be further reduced by 20%.

    A list of available styles and colours is attached. For ease of reference we have also attached a separate column for international sales (where Australian Goods and Service Tax “GST” 10% has been deducted).

    Regular shipping charges apply. All sales are final.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

    Please also note that the Cultstatus boutique is not open on Sundays"

    Now I know that it says that this invitation was created "just for me" but who knows how many of these have been sent out! I have purchased from them twice in the past, so I know I am on their mailing list, but these offers may not be as 'exclusive' as they are making out? Worth a try anyway.

    I posted the US prices rather than the AU prices as not as many PF'ers are from here!

    The First (US$862.91)Emerald Green The Twiggy (US$890.40)Emerald, LilacThe Purse (US$862.91)InkThe Work (US$1904.04)Emerald, Pale RoseThe Box (US$788.58)Pale RoseX-Courier (US$966.76)Oregano/OliveTheDay (US$812)Pale Rose
  2. Thanks for the above....i saw that they have the INK work, too bad i got this recently...sigh...attractive prices!
  3. I know huh!

    These prices are soooo good for AU! Its a shame I'm not buying any Bals until 2008!

    Hopefully a PF'er can get a good deal from it!
  4. Have you got their email address? Thanks.
  5. I also got the email but couldn't open the attachment... Does it have pics?
  6. I got the email to but i cannot cut & paste, there are not many colours so I have listed them by colour group rather than style. HTH

    emerald green- the first, twiggy work
    pale rose - day, work and box
    Ink - purse
    large courier - oregano
    Lilac - twiggy

    Then they have those floral bags - all quite cheap. Day is only Aust$696
  7. Thanks so much!

    Moved to the Shopping forum :heart:
  8. Danae, no pics... just prices

    I'm sure they would be happy to send pics at request though... :yes:
  9. wow, great price for the purse!
  10. an emerald first?

    i must contain myself.
  11. They have some of the loveliest colors... Emerald, lilac, ink... woohoo!
    And I'm sure the damask ones are gonna fly off the shelves!