Cult Status, Perth

  1. Hi Girls,

    Just wondering if anyone can help me out - Is Cult Status a legit Balenciaga retailer? They have some very pretty older colors that I am interested in buying, just wondering about the authencity of the bags?

    Thanks XOXOXO
  2. Hi,

    I'm from Australia and cultstatus is an authorised retailer of balenciaga, their bags are 100% authentic. They are really nice people, you can email them to find out what colours and styles they have :yes:
  3. yes they are an authorised retailer. I live in Perth so I have purchased a few things from them. you can email balenciaga via their website to make sure - however if you do a search I think you will find that a number of members have purchased from them. The SAs there are very helpful.
  4. Great thanks girls!!! :smile:
  5. Yep Authentic and Authorised seller of B-bags
  6. Yes, I have a Purse on layby money left now tee hee
  7. What color purse are you getting? I am obsessed with purses and they seem to be the only one that has any.
  8. Allisonfaye, as of 2 weeks ago the Purse colors they had in stock were Brown and Grey -- that's literally what their list said, so I'm not sure which Brown (Marron, Tuffle?) or Grey (Greige?) those would be.
  9. Probably truffle. That's the one they had when I was talking to them. I only got one photo of it. They may have more than one bag. I thought it was nice but I want a brown city.
  10. yes they are!
    i got all my B bags from them!