Cult Status Inventory for City Style

  1. Just rang and found out they have these colours in City style:

    Rouge (not VIF) - so unsure what colour this is..
    Vert Deau
    Blue Glacier

    and their no: (61-8) 9481 8886

    Thought this info might help anyone looking for the colour above..
  2. Oh..they are also expecting their Violet bags to hit the store this week :smile:
  3. hi aki_sato,
    thanks for the information, i am desperately looking for the violet city as a matter of fact :smile: will i need to pay custom as i reside in US? thanks so much :yes:
  4. Yes, I believe you will have to pay the customs duty :push:
  5. Yah as Gallicaroses said, I believe you prob have to pay for custom..
    As to bring anything <1k to Aussie from o/seas we have to pay ridiculuously custom fee here..

    Not sure how in US, perhaps if you ask them to declare it as a gift then you will be waived??

    Good luck!
  6. Could that "Camel" possibly be a 2006 Cognac???? Do you happen to know how much they are?
  7. Hmm..I am not quite sure as I didn't pay much attention to the colours she was telling me except for the Rouge..

    City with RH is AUS$1895..
    But when I told her buying off o/seas is so much cheaper she then willing to offer me 10% off :graucho: *tempted..
  8. I live in the US and I have purchased three bags from them. I had to pay customs on one of them. I think it is just the luck (or bad luck) of the draw. It was around $80.
    The other downside of buying from them if you live in the US is that the exchange rates increase the cost of the bags around 20% over what you would pay in the US. I would try Aloharag before I would try to get anything from them.
    Other than that, they are really nice to deal with.
  9. Can you tell me who your SA is???
  10. I didnt actually ask Tooshies cos I told the person I spoke to that I was only enquiring about the stocks they have (I was looking for FB)..
    but when she told me about the Jaune or Rouge I got really excited and I supposed she was trying to sell me I told her that buying o/seas will be cheaper hence offering me 10%off which I thought still be cheaper buying from AR or US..
  11. can i also ask what SA you spoke to? I only get 5% and I have been buying lots of bags from them. I will speak to them when I collect my stuff on Saturday!!
  12. When you posted about the 10% discount, I actually asked them if they were willing to give discounts if their prices aren't fixed, just to make the prices more comparable to the prices in the US, and they didn't offer that to me! Maybe it's because I've never bought from them before??

    I'd very much like to know who the sweet SA was! If you don't feel comfortable disclosing it publically, perhaps you can PM me? That's of course, if you're comfortable with it....
  13. Tooshies,
    It's not that, I really don't know the name of the SA I spoke to cos even when I was offered 10% I was not interested so I didn't bother asking though to think about it now, I should've for..

    I will try to ring tomorrow and hopefully get the person I spoke to previously..
  14. I don't want to burden you, so only if you happen to give them a call, enquiring about something is good enough for me!:yes:

    Thanks so much, aki:heart: