Cult Status Current Inventory


    The First (AUD$1695): Black, Brown, Blue India, Emerald Green

    SS07 – Sandstone, Bleu Glacier ,Anthracite, Rouge Vermillon, White

    Pony Hair in Black ($1899)

    The City (AUD$1949): Camel, Sapin (Hunter Green)

    SS07 - Rouge Vermillon, Vert D’eau, Sandstone, Bleu Glacier Anthracite, Colbalt, White, Black

    The Twiggy (AUD$1749): Camel, Brown, Grenat, Emerald, Lilac

    SS07 – Sandstone, Antracite, Rouge Vermillon

    The Purse (AUD$1695): Brown, Ink

    The Part-Time (AUD$2195): Black, Brown, Camel, Blue India

    The Work (AUD$2149): Black, Emerald, Rose

    The Weekender (AUD$2,395) : SOLD OUT

    The Box (AUD$1549): Pale Rose

    The Day (AUD$1595): Black, Brown, Caramel, Sapin, Greige, Emerald

    SS07 - Sandstone, Rouge Vermillon, White, Blue Glacier

    The Brief (AUD$1949): Black, White, Anthracite, Blue Glacier, Sandstone

    X-Courier (AUD$1899): Black, Ink, Oregano

    Messenger (AUD$1495): Black, Truffel

    Makeup Clutch (AUD$689): White, Rouge Vermillon

    Money Wallet (AUD$695): Camel, Blue India, Anthracite

    Compact Wallet (AUD$595): Black, Blue India

    Compagnon (AUD$749): Ink

    Ni Compagnon (AUD$649): Camel

    Lamb Shoulder (AUD$1,699): Brown (40% discount)

    Whistle- Small (AUD$1,695): Black, Blueberry

    Whistle- Large (AUD$1,895): Brown

    Limited ED. Whistle with Ostrich trim ($3395): Black, Brown, Blueberry, Red

    G.Brief (AUD$2,595): Café, Antracite; Blue Glacier

    G. City (AUD$2,595): SOLD OUT

    G.Part-Time (AUD$2,795): Anthracite

    G. Work (AUD$2,895): SOLD OUT

    G.Hobo (AUD$1,895): Sandstone

    Matelasse /Quilt(AUD$2,895): Sandstone

    All Floral Canvas Bags: 40% discount
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thanks so much for this cityshopper!!! Can someone let me know if they have the damask striped courier if they can find out?
  4. Thanks!

    I might stop in this afternoon and check out the BG and Sandstone Day bags. I'm curious about the courier bags too...

    I wonder if they have a sale coming up?!?
  5. Have any of you guys in the US ordered from them before? I just ordered a blue india First and I'm wondering if I'm going to get hit with extra charges when the bag gets here. Anyone know?
  6. You would probably be charge customs (~10%) from FedEx once the bag arrives.
  7. I am a bit confused. Are these the sale price or before the discount?
  8. These are the prices before the sale :yes: