Culmination of many FIRSTs - non City, non Colours!!!

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  1. I have always been a great fan of colours & have never been a fan of browns or blacks especially for my bags. It was odd that I had an overnight love for SIENNA. I thought it would go away but it did not. I have 3 cities & I think I've completed my collection of cities. I have been seeing lots of great Day pictures in the reference section especially sunny07's gorgeous Days & it was inducing my wants for a Day BADLY. So a SIENNA DAY it is!!! BTW I think the BROWN bug must have bit me on my behind when I was not looking. :sad: Yesterday I pop by BalSg no thanks to a company event next door & saw a GORGEOUS understated Mogano RH Brief & I was SOLD :love: totally!!! But I am on a ban NOW!!! :crybaby:

    Presenting my newest baby, Sienna Day, :tender:my first non city & my first non colour! I love her yummy, gorgeous leather & she is such a :supacool: brown!!! I had to quickly snap some pictures & keep her coz I have a guest in my office. I cannot wait to get home tonight & admire every detail of my new Bag!!!
    Bdaysienna1.jpg Bdaysienna2.jpg Bdaysienna3.jpg Bdaysienna4.jpg Bdaysienna5.jpg
  2. YAY we're sienna day-twins!! Is it good or bad that I influenced you over to the "brown" side? :graucho: I loooove your day. I can't wait to hear how you like the style compared to the city- it's really become my favorite style, even over the first I think!! This is gorgeous:


    And yet it still doesn't capture the depth and variation of the color IRL. woohoo sienna lovers unite!! Modeling pics please?
  3. Congrats! It's a great colour ... looks gorgeous!
  4. mmppfff look at that leather!!! Great score! How did you find that beautiful baby? Hooray on both of us just receiving our Days!
  5. Congrats.:yahoo: Sienna and the Day, my two favorites.:yes:
  6. sunn07, I was going back & forth & back & forth with your pictures till I caved in & make my purchase!!! My wallet hates you but I love you :smooch: for pulling me over to the BROWN side!!! I will post modelling shots soon & I will also update how I like the Day over the City or if I love them equally!!!

    Moonstarr & Nanaz, Thanks!

    jo_ee, I love love the leather!!! Thanks, I got her from AR!!!
  7. cOngrats Pink!! You got yourself a plushy, squishy, awesome Sienna!
  8. I am the same as you...I wasn't a fan of brown until I saw Sienna! I still haven't found the perfect Sienna for me though. I do LOVE your bag! Congratulations!
  9. Congrats. The leather looks so rich and yummy:idea:
  10. Was it expensive buying at Bal SG? I think a city costs a few hundred bucks more than normal Bal prices in US
  11. congrats pink!
  12. Congrats F!!! I love the color..and the leather!:drool:
  13. The Day in Sienna is such a gorgeous bag. Congratulations!

    Let us know how you are finding her and what you think of brown and of the Day!
  14. Awesome!!! Congrats!!! LOVE IT!!! Modelling pics after the guest is gone.. HAa..
  15. CONGRATS!!! Sienna is one warm tan to own. if i have money to spare, i'd so get a Sienna WE from AR. yes, even if the WE is huge.