Culinary school

  1. I want to learn how to cook, but not for career purposes. Would it be dumb to go to culinary school when you don't want to do it as a career?
  2. culinary school is intended for a career. but im sure you could find cooking classes in your area. and its hard not to learn to cook if you watch food network 24/7 *hint hint* ;)
  3. I figured as much, LOL.
  4. It's also pretty expensive and time consuming. In order to graduate, you have to do an internship at a restaurant with little or no pay. Try looking into classes at a local college maybe?
  5. EEK, I didn't know about the internship! Scratch that completely.

    I've researched and found a community college, but it's kind of far. So I did some more research and found some cooking classes. It's going to be the cooking class, my mom, using the Internet to ask questions and watch videos, and the Food Network for me. :tup:
  6. A lot of culinary schools do have classes/workshops for people who just want to learn how to cook. I've not been to those, but have taken some local cooking classes for fun.
  7. Honestly, culinary school would be wasted on a "casual cook," because as with any degree the classes are VERY specific. There's one class for knife skills/vegetables, one for knife skills/meat, one for soups, one for sauces, one for breads, etc. It's way more information than you'd ever want/need as a home cook. I was going to suggest classes at the community college-- that would be perfect for you! :tup:
  8. I'd love to take a pastry class and learn all about desserts :love:
    try this link it has online videos with step to step instructions in the video!
  10. I don't know where you live, but the high schools in my area have a night program for continuing education. This includes cooking classes. Even places like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table have cooking classes if you have those nearby.