Cuir Vache Naturelle / Vachetta

  1. any vachetta owners/lovers out there??

    this is my absolute fave hermes leather, it is sooo gorgeous especially when years old w/a beautiful patina...
    my dream is to own an HAC 40cm in the vache one day...but i don't know if that'll happen :sweatdrop:

  2. this vache HAC 32 is on eBay right now...tdf tdf tfdf :drool:

  3. That is gorgeous! ABsolutely droolworthy!
  4. While it's not a Birkin..I do have anew Vespa in Vache Naturelle.

    Look at the difference from New to patina...amazing!!!

  5. Love it new and love the patina it acquires.
  6. This bag might have been oiled. It's very dark compared to a new bag. Either that or poor lighting.
  7. The top of my Herbag is vache natural....I love it, but it would be rather heavy in a whole bag. Mine is over seven years old, and is a colour in between QM's gorgy vespa, and your pic, Brian.
  8. Here's my Birkin 35 in Vache Naturelle:
  9. ^omg - Just Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Duna - is it heavy?
  10. Duna - is it heavy?
  11. ^^^Well, it's not light; I've weighed it, it's 1.3 kg, like my Clemence.....GF, I'm so glad I got it, I absolutely adore it, and I'm trying to use it (and abuse it!) as much as possible so that it darkens and starts to patina! The only thing I'm careful about is rain/water!
  12. I KNEW you would love it - I love it, too! Just WAIT until it patinas...........ohhhhhhh......gorgeous!
  13. Duna, your Birkin is soooooo beautiful. If it got water spots, wouldn't they just fade, soften and add character to this scrumptuous leather? I've got a Barenia watchband and that's what happened when it got a little waterspotting.
  14. which is exactly what i do with my natural vache items -- hermes saddle oil, of course. my feeling is that saddle leathers are meant to be treated like saddle leathers -- and when you get a brand new saddle from hermes you oil it before using it. the oil helps protect the leather and also makes it more supple.
  15. They are beautiful.