Cuir sizing

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  1. Hello. Just want to ask everyone's opinion on which size to get. I love the cuir saffiano bag. Just not sure which size is good. For reference in 5"2 105lb.
  2. I'm also contemplating to get one! I stopped by the boutique the other day and the mini size ($2600 - just slightly smaller than the small that's $2680) is already pretty big on me. It's definitely not "mini". I like the mini the best on my frame but the small isn't too bad either. I'm 5'1 100lbs.
  3. I'm 5'1 and I got the small size. The medium size is too big IMO. What color are you getting?
  4. I'm planning on pomice
  5. I like the mini the best too! I tried on the mini, small and medium and the mini was the most proportionate. I'm 5'6 and size 0.

    However, I ended buying the medium for work. Needed to fit my 13" MacBook Pro. Not sure if it fits yet though. Waiting for it to come in the mail.