Cuir Nomade, pics

  1. OMG need speedy NOW! :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:
  2. MMMM keepall.... I heard it's like $3k lol :sad:

    Sadly the Nomade scratches so easily... an SA here showed me an agenda and he barely put his finger nail on it and it made an impression on it.
  3. yeah the nomade is soooo fragile
  4. I'm drooling....
  5. I saw these in the "look book" too. There's gonna be three sizes of Lockit bag too!
  6. oh my gosh :crybaby:
  7. ooh, that's too bad:crybaby: Great lookings bags though.
  8. I had no idea it was so delicate. That is most unfortunate. :girlsigh:
  9. Too bad they are so fragile, they are gorgeous!
  10. im in :love: with the Nomade Keepall!!! i like it a bit bruised (but not abused)... it gives it more character ;) and mum will be pleased to know about the Nomade Speedy and Lockit. she's been wanting to s/o another Vachetta piece after her vvn Alma and was told they don't accept s/o for Vachetta leather anymore. maybe this is the reason why. it would be great if they expanded the Nomade collection some more - in both tan and black. thanks for the photos!
  11. that speedy is gorgeous
  12. OMG the speedy and Keepall. STUNNING
  13. Gorgeous but way too fragile for me! Even my SA told me this leather scratches soooo easily!