Cuir Embossed Stephen or Polly?

  1. Can't decide which one to get. I need LV gurus here to help me out...

  2. I love Polly, Stephen not so much.
  3. Polly:love:
  4. Polly : )
  5. Polly for me too...
  6. My vote is Polly as about the new Elizee:love:
  7. Polly!
  8. Wooo.Polly it is since 100% votes for Polly.:yes: I am going to get the fauve Polly tomorrow then. Alizz is out of price range for me. I think Polly's price is the most I can spend on one handbag, How pathetic I am when I heard a high end handbag like Chanel,some styles are 1500ish and I thought it is a bargain. duh...

    thanks everyone!:yahoo:
  9. Oooh Congrats!!! Pics please when you get it!!! :smile:
  10. :nuts: Awesome! Do post pics when you get it!:yes: :flowers:
  11. Polly :yes:
  12. Polly is nicer IMO...
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