Cuffz by Linz: Yay Or Nay?

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    I liked the idea of these bags--- it's kinda cool :amuse: to have a handcuff as your shoulder strap on your bag, no?
    Anways, I was looking at it in the gold, silver, tatoo, red and yellow.
    I dont really know how I feel about the metallics because I generally think that metallic hobo's look cheap, and these cost about 165.
    The tatoo version is usually 275, but I found it for 185/best offer (does that mean I could offer less?:P ). I like that, but wonder if it looks TOO tough.
    Finally, I dont really ADORE the red and yellow bags, but they're on sale at a local boutique for about 65.
    I'd basically just like an opinion, what colors, and what you feel about the bag.
    Here's some piccies and :evil: uh...PHilton wearing the bag:weird:
  2. Not my style, but neither was the "hardcore" version of Dior.
  3. You can DEF offer less b/c it is a BIN auction...if you don't like the metallics then I would go with the tattoo...tattoos haven't been tough since sorority girls started getting them and I think it's cute and unique...the red and yellow seem too plain with the cuff
  4. :shame: I have the Oh Bondage bag in black(Sin). I really like it, except I literally will have women follow me out of the store to ask me where I got it. LOL I wish they had a separate interchangable strap you could purchase, it would make it a little more versatile.
  5. I have the bag in gold, I don't like it. It's only good for cuffing your husband to the bed!
  6. Nay ..... I find these bags a little too arresting for me.
  7. ROTFLOL Hmmm, never tried that....:idea:
  8. i don't like them it all :-/ but if you do, you should go for it!
  9. I'm just liking the :shame: attention a handcuff on by bag would bring. Dont particularly like the styles, and I think they're waaaay overpriced!!:cry:
  10. Sorry, not my style.
  11. Nay! Only because I know Paris Hilton loves them, and that's about 10,000 black marks in my book!
  12. With the perfect outfit, shoes, hair/make up Yes. But other than that NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy....
  13. ooh- tough one. I would be worried about the materials, quality of such a low priced bag. Could look costumy.
  14. I would say nay.