Cudos to the group that authenticates!!

  1. YOU are amazing. I can't believe your eye for detail...noticing the bales (see I know what you mean now), the elongated R stem....My eye is not quite there yet. Just wanted to say you all rock :yahoo: and thanks for the amazing service you provide!
  2. I heartily second this one. They are invaluable and I have learned so much.
  3. yes... you girls are the greatest... i'm a big fans of b-bags and thought that i got my eye to differentiate a real from a fake but i do still need alot to learn. in fact i just realised that i bought a fake before without knowing it.
    i always thought that i love b-bags because it's harder to faked than LV and it's easy to spot them, but the fact is not.
    i love you all girls
  4. yesyes... THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO HELP ME OUT!!! thank you VERY VERY MUCH... appreciated so much! Because of you guys I've bought my first bag on EBAY :smile: