Cucciolo as a laptop bag?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Cucciolo to use as a laptop bag, so I'd be interested to hear from anyone who does this... I would love if someone could post pictures of their Cucciolo in action. I'm concerned that the bag is too thick for a laptop, unless you cart around a lot of stuff with your laptop. :tup:
  2. I think it was posted a while ago that quite a few people use the cucciolo for their laptops. They wrap the changing pad thing around the laptop for extra security/padding.

    maybe check out the great bag reference thread?
  3. There's mentions of using it (with the changing pad as a laptop wrapper) in the reference post but no pictures. Just one photo of a Cucciolo vs. Campeggio. Bubblesung did post a picture of her laptop in her Trenino, but I'm looking at Cucciolo.
  4. cucciolo is pretty huge for just a laptop imo :huh: so unless you plan on putting more stuff in there i think its too big :x
  5. Originally I bought a campeggio for a laptop bag, and although my laptop did fit in it, it was a hassle getting it in and out. So I returned it and got the cucciolo. I absolutely love it. I have a macbook, and it slides in perfectly and theres plenty of room for all my other stuff. I already have a case for my laptop, so I don't use the diaper pad for anything. All in all I would say it's a great stylish school bag.
  6. Awesome, thanks betterstopnow! I'm tempted to get either a Pirata from the SH outlet or a Spiaggia from Karmaloop (w/ the 20% off coupon)
  7. gingiemay - I have a L'Amore Cucciolo. I took some reference pics for you with my 13" macbook.

    You'll see that my macbook is too big to actually velcro the diaper pad shut. Someone more craft/sewing inclined than I am probably could move the velcro patch up a little and then it could actually velcro around a laptop.

    There is AMPLE room in the Cucciolo for an average size laptop plus a ton of other stuff.

    There is a big difference in space between the Campeggio and Cucciolo. I can fit my macbook in my Campeggio, but it's a tighter fit and I don't have room for much else in it with the laptop. With Cucciolo, I have room for everything!

    Hope the pics help!;)
    DSC03076.JPG DSC03077.JPG DSC03078.JPG DSC03079.JPG
  8. OMG, thank you, angelic*ruin! That is totally what I was looking for! Hum, I wonder if Transporto will come out with a Cucciolo... maybe I should hold out for that :graucho:
  9. I'm pretty sure they will. I pre-ordered a Trasporto Campeggio, but I started thinking about another Cucciolo as I was taking those pics, but decided, no:nogood:, I need to stick with the smaller, less expensive Campeggio.:rolleyes:
  10. I also wanted to say that I love the Sandy stickers on your MacBook. Yay for Macs! :woohoo:
  11. Thanks;). I have a clear hardcase cover that fits over my macbook to protect it, so I didn't have to apply the stickers directly to the actual macbook. I :heart: Sandy and I :heart::heart::heart: my macbook. I converted from PC to mac last fall and I've never been happier!
  12. Transporto is coming out in cucciolo! I have one on preorder :biggrin:
  13. I'm not sure what size your notebook is but I have a 15" MacBook Pro and the Campeggio was too small to fit in it so I got the Cucciolo as well.
  14. too bad my laptop is huge..i need to buy a smaller one :graucho: so it can fit in my tokis...
  15. Love your stickers, angelic_ruin! I have the same case over my macbook, only it's red. I think Ima hafta go out and procure me some stickers for mine now, thanks for the idea!