Cucciolo - Am I out of luck?

  1. Hello again everyone!

    I want to thank everyone for helping me out in my first thread and now I have another question for all you experts. I've fallen in love with the Paradiso Cucciolo. I'm 17 wks pg today and I would love to have one. I almost ordered the Adios Star cucciolo from karmaloop but then I saw a picture of the Paradiso. I read in another thread that it is an extremely popular style for that print. Am I out of luck in finding one? Should I have gotten the one on eBay with the BIN of $270?

    Thanks again in advance!
  2. hmm not at all ... call up the outlets and see if they have any more paradiso cucciolos left. If I read about stock in another thread I'll repost the info here.

    ETA: Just checked another thread .. the SH outlet doesn't have any more cucciolos. Maybe call up Seattle?
  3. Yeah I emailed all three outlets this morning. So far I've gotten responses from two:


    Unfortunately, we do not have any Cucciolo bags in stock. We will definitely not be receiving it in the paradiso print, but we are going to be receiving more recent tokidoki prints on the 29th of this month. You can try back then to see if we receive that bag in in a different print you may also like.

    Thank You
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets


    I am sorry to say that we never received any Tokidoki baby bags at all.
    If you have any other questions please just let me know.
    Southampton Factory Store

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Seattle might have at least one for me! My mom is still vacationing in Hawaii and I asked her to check out the outlet there.

    I think I might be obsessed!
  4. lol good luck!! :biggrin:
    oh and it's okay ... we're all obsessed .. haha :tup:
  5. There was one on eBay last night, but it looks like it sold! I can't find it listed anymore.
  6. The Paradiso diaper bags are really hard to find. I lucked out and found one that had been returned at Metropark last Thursday.

    Maybe you can find a Buon Viaggio? That's the style that I use everyday as a diaper bag.
  7. Transporto cucciolo(I think is going to be cute) can be another option since paradiso is hard to find.

  8. Okay that was me, I'm sorry I'm sooooo guilty =( I was looking for one for a while to and I saw it there and it was BIN. I really hate non-BIN auctions because it gets so competitive at the end and this Cucciolo had the print placement I wanted. The seller did not have a lot of +feedbacks so I am somewhat nervous about this one. I'll let you know how it goes ;)
  9. i know what you mean about evilbay bidding sucks!! :lol: ...but congrats on your paradiso cucciolo!!

    esmaurade: i hope you find your cucciolo!
  10. maybe get a campeggio, they are big too.
  11. esmeraude : Just got online and saw your posting. I gave the airport store a call and they still have quite a number of the paradiso cucciolos (baby bags) left. I can get them at about S$345 (after using my 15% staff discount). The shipping to the US is probably about US$20-30 but I really need to check this again with the post office. Do let me know if you would like me to get one for you? And is there any particular placement you are looking for? I can try to see if there is one you want.:yes:
  12. Oh yes, I just saw that cucciolo on ebay to. I was going to say it's a different seller, but I noticed that the two auctions looked REALLY similar and both are from the same area, Knoxville, TN. I think it's the same seller but different user names! But why? That's so strange.

    The current auction:

    The auction I just bid on: