Cubital/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI

  1. :confused1: Have you heard of it? Know anyone with it?:confused1:

    Supposedly it's a "Repetitive Stress Injury"...much the same as Carpel Tunnel.

    Symptoms include feeling like you've knocked your "funny bone" (ulnar nerve)....

    I ask, because my "funny bone" has felt very sensitive the last couple weeks, mostly when I leant on my desk, but I went swimming at the beach today & now I can't bend my left arm w/o feeling the tingling go down to my pinky/ring fingers.

    I was hoping it would go away, but since it's getting worse, I googled "tennis elbow" (which was the only thing I could think of having to do with elbow trouble) which lead to "ulnar problems" which lead me to Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

    Yuck. :yucky:

    I'm calling for a doctors appt in the morning to get a professional opinion, but I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this....?:sad:
  2. Did you go to the dr.? Might be carpal tunnel.