Cubist/Dada/Picasso/Dali KELLY--there are no words

  1. :roflmfao: i posted the exact sam pic a few days ago (in the himalya thread) it is hideous isn´t it
    i take the himalaya overt that any day
  2. You're right, OT.....there ARE no words....

  3. You gotta love that little throw-up thingy at a time like this.....

    i especially like the little spit at the expressive........
  4. Oops, lilach, I must have missed that thread!
  5. gag gag gag:throwup:
  6. It makes me want to :crybaby: !
  7. It's actually funny...I remember seeing it on eBay and actually laughing. Imagine putting on a nice tailored black suit and then slinging this puppy over your shoulder...
  8. If I won the lottery and have acquired everything I ever wanted and still have tons of money leftover, then perhaps I will get the Himalaya, just because it's so ... uhm ... unique.
  9. now there is a bag I would lend to anyone JUST for the asking, and to get it ou of my sight!:blah: :welcome:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    That was funny. The bag wan't funny.
  11. ?

    I am tempted to make that my avatar...

    just kidding..
  12. The way the strap is, it must hang so awkwardly on your shoulder... I bet they designed this bag for the shock-effect, they put it in some ads or their magazine or something and people talked about us! (We're probably not talking about it exactly the way they would like us to.)

    I can see buying this and justifying it as part of Hermes history, fashion history...if you don't hate it, that is.
  13. *barfs*
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