Cubie's All Better -- But I still Can't Use Him......

  1. tough choice, j! after seeing kims cubie, i really like it. and it is the only fall 08' collection bag that my boyfriend likes - he even pointed it out to me while we were at Saks! maybe you should set up a poll?
  2. ^ ha, my bf thinks the carter bags are so ugly. the only bag he's ever liked from mj was the stones clutch. he actually picked it up at Saks once and said, "wow! this one's niiiiice. buy this one."
  3. I like the bag you already have much better. I think the silver application on the blue one won't be as timeless as the three thingys on the cubie.

  4. Sound like your very own purse parade, Tad! hehe :p
  5. well this is wonderful, i'm glad they are getting it in!! :yahoo:
    i know it's a tough decision. probably easier made comparing them side by side, so glad your store can get the bags in for you. good luck! i love them both :heart:
  6. ^ grace, do you still have your shark grey carter jr? are you considering the pale blue bb now too?

    it can only be a parade if i make my bf and dog wear them too, and then have them follow me around. that sounds like something to do when i'm bored. thanks for the idea.
  7. still waiting for the new one to come in from elux. yes considering the bb :nuts: i've been waiting to hear if it was available. i'm know that i'm addicted, i admit to it!!! ;)
  8. not that this should factor into your decision, but the pale blue bb was also featured in vogue italia. bryanboy posted a scan of it on his blog. it seems to be the mj bag to photograph in magazines this season.
  9. I was driving myself crazy last night -- and I haven't even seen the BB in person yet!!! -- I had my Cubie sitting on the couch, with the Harper's Bazaar layout of the lt blue BB lying in front of it! I kept looking at both comparing them, weighing the differences -- I just know that this is going to be a VERY tough decision!

    When I was there last weekend, I must have spent an hour with the Cubie and the Stam -- in the end, I got the Cubie, mostly because I knew that if the BB came in, I could exchange the Cubie for it, but had I gotten the stam, there's no way I could have let that go in place of the BB & I can't afford both right now, so I went with the one I assume will likely sell out faster -- so I can't imagine the time I'm going to spend this time trying to choose.

    One thing I'm really hoping for on the BB is that the leather is as nice as the Cubie -- the Cubie that they had sent in was so much different than mine -- I don't know if I would have been as drawn to that bag if they had the second one in the store originally -- the differences were that large -- the leather was so much harder and more stiff and the veins on the bag were EXTREMELY prominent (the veins on my bag show up, but they're a little more supple and blend nicely) -- the leather on the bag I got is so soft and plush, when I have it out I just can't stop touching & petting it!!!

    tad -- do you have a link to the bryanboy page with the Italian Vogue pic?

    The Orange Ostrich BB is also featured in the new issue of Elle Accessories -- that's actually what got me to pull out the Cubie and Harper's spread -- when I saw the ostrich bag, I just started to :drool::drool::drool:
  10. iluvmybags, hang in there! I just got off the phone with Gaby and she said they have a an Ostrich BB in yellow at the boutique now:drool:! I'm going to go look at it this weekend and just die:faint:. Sad thing is that there is no way in h**l I can get it:sad:. But maybe I'll come home with something else:graucho:.

    Anyway, back to topic: if the Mercer st. boutique had the BB it shouldn't be much longer until you get to see it right?:tup:
  11. at least you have an ostrich bag, lucky girl! i want the bb or ostrich sunburst stam so badly, but over $4k is more than i should spend on a bag at this point in my life. maybe when i make partner... [​IMG]
  12. I think they've had the Ostrich BBs for a few weeks now -- it's the Suburst BB's that still haven't gotten there -- the bags are the same shape with the same details, except they're made from lambskin (like the Carters) and have the Sunburst design on the front (the Ostrich versions don't, right?) -- I don't think I could ever spend $4k on ANY bag -- no matter what -- if I had that kind of $$, I think I'd use it towards a Birkin!!! but that's NEVER gonna happen -- only in my dreams!!!:cloud9::cloud9:
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    ^you never know. . .they could go on sale like the Roma and Mahogany did. BTW, I'm still kicking myself hard for not getting the Roma when I had the chance.

    Anyway, do you have anything special coming up that could warrant a really special self given present:graucho:? Didn't you just finish your summer associate "thingie"? Have you taken The Bar yet? I think a BB bag would make a great "yeah-I-passed-a-super-long-really-difficult-test" gift;).

    P.S. Again, I'm not a creepy stalker. One of my BF's just finished law school and is about to start work as a corporate lawyer in NYC on Monday. So that is why I kew what you meant when you mentioned being a summer associate.
  14. tad -- you spent the summer as a Summer Assoc?? you should have applied at our firm (here in Chgo) -- you could have had a nice little "vacation" and we could have hit all the great MJ spots!!! Maybe our firms will do some work together and we'll have an excuse to meet up!!:tup::tup:
  15. i need to get that new issue of elle accessories!