CSRs getting new color lists last week in Jan/first week in Feb

  1. I had my very charming sister (seriously, she's got this mojo that I just don't have...) call Coach customer service today just to see if they would maybe know if more bags will be coming out in the grass green color for Spring/Summer. After chatting with the CSR for a few minutes about call center work (sis is a fundraiser) they eventually talked purses. The CSR said that they'll be getting the list of new/upcoming colors for spring and summer either the last week in January or the first week in February and, if I wanted, just call back with the style number and someone could tell me if it would be coming out in grass (or any other color).

    This was news to me, so I thought I'd share. If it isn't news to ya'all then I'm an embarrassed newbie :whistle:and, hey! Look! Something shiny...
  2. Good sleuthing newbie!! It's news to me!
  3. That is awesome! Thanks for the great news!
  4. Very cool!
    Can you pleas explain the "something shiny" part a little more?:graucho:
  5. AnneT - Thanks for letting everyone know what you found out! It's great news! We'll look forward to hearing more about these new colors!
  6. A total distraction tactic! Very clever and funny! LOL! I am forever distracted by shiny objects when I'm out shopping and dh always laughs at me! "Focus", he tells me! Who can focus when you're female and everything is sparkling and pink!?

    And thanks for the great info!! We love super sleuths who can give us inside info!! ;)
  7. I'm obsessed with the green too!!!!

    Let us know what you hear!
  8. C/S has been able to give this info for some time now, but you'll still have to speak to the CSRs who know how to navigate the system to look up this info. So be persisitent...
  9. My sister once compared me to a crow because I am attracted to shiny things! (The little smiley whistling is hilarious, btw!) :boxing:

  10. Thanks for the info. Please make sure to update your info! I'll have to call at the end of Jan. to find out about more Leigh color to add to my family. :graucho: