CSMC is it available in stores?

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  1. I have been waiting since June for my local store to call and let me know that the CSMC shawls are in. o call yet. i have even called randomly over the summer, but no luck. I have seen posts on this forum where people have already purchased them. Have I missed the shawl in the store?
  2. I thought that I saw a couple at Madison Ave last week. I would just ask the SA at your store to do a search. I think that shawls seem easy to buy over the phone.
  3. They are just now cropping up for AW. Two arrived in our store and were reserved almost as soon as they were unpacked. It is best to let you SA know as mc100 says.
  4. I am in the same position. I am awaiting calls from two stores but so far nothing. I don´t think they have arrived were I am yet.
  5. I bought home the beige one last month. Found the purple one available in the store two weeks ago. Then when I asked about the orange/red CW, my SA told me they haven't get theirs yet. So they are getting to the store very slowly.
  6. I still see them in stores when travelling. Maybe CSMC batches hasn't arrived in your store or did your store buyer order them during the quota order?