CSI Miami

  1. I didn't see a thread devoted to CSI Miami, so I thought I'd start one. I just finished watching last night's episode. Why doesn't Delco like Callie's relationship w/Jake? Was there a brief time last year in which there was some chemistry between Delco and Callie?
  2. Dang, I guess no one on this forum cares about CSI Miami :p

    I was wondering if anyone happened to notice at the end of last night's episode when the mother shot the guy outside of the station, was she carrying a Fendi bag? It was a cream colored handbag but the straps and the hardware on the straps lead me to think it was a Fendi... :shrugs:
  3. I LOVE CSI Miami. I love Horatio's one liners! LOL. Im not a fan of Callie. She acts too much like a robot.
  4. totally agree....she isn't that hot and plays a hottie in the show....why??..
    the guys in the show are much hotter than the women....
  5. I'm so behind on this season. I hope CBS reruns this season over the summer.
  6. OMG...just saw the finale...can't wait for the next season. i like csi maimi the best now...very fast pace and interesting.
  7. I saw the last episode of this season.. I'm shocked. What happended to Horatio?????
  8. i'm shocked too by the finale!! I can't figure it out... is Horatio really dead?
  9. i managed to catch like the last half hour of it.
    why did Ryan get a message saying "it's done"?!?! what's done? didn't that guy in prison order a hit on Horatio and to tell him when it was done?!?!?!

    I hope Horatio knew that someone wld try to kill him and sent like body double or wore a bulletproof vest or something.
  10. he's still breathing at the end......i hope he'll be in the next season...it'll not be the same w/out him.
  11. I know, CSI Miami IS Horatio!!!
    Yeah, that scene with Ryan was bit suspicious...
  12. oh I hate it when they leave such a good cliffhanger at the season finale..............then you have to wait like 4 months to see what happens! UGH!! Anywho, the finale was disturbing..........they can't kill off H!

    So who else can't stand Elizabeth Berkley?? Eww she just rubs me the wrong way and I can't stand her on this show!
  13. she reminded me of a porn star...i don't watch porn but she just did...:confused1:
  14. Love the show, have not seen the finale yet. It kind of ruins shows for me when they get the characters together. I am a devoted watcher of CSI LV and Miami. I hope they do not put Callie and Del together.
  15. The finale was wonderful. Did you see Horatio's broken glasses? The bullet went through them so it would have hit something cold before something warm. That means it should have gone straight through him. Otherwise why did they share all of that about bullets during the show.Callie needs to stop trying to fix her face. She looks bad for such a beautiful woman.Ryan is too obvious.His son is another matter.I just started watching this year and I love it and watch all the old shows.