CSI Lovers - Which one and Who is your favourite?

  1. I was watching CSI Miami the other day when my hubby asked me "which one is this then"?, when I told him it was Miami he asked, "is that one your favourite?" and it got me thinking:

    I like them all although but my favourites would have to go:

    CSI Las Vegas
    CSI Miami
    CSI New York

    As for Favourite People, those would be:-

    Danny Messer - CSI New York
    Warrick Brown - CSI Las Vegas
    Nick Stokes - CSI Las Vegas
    Eric Delko - CSI Miami

    The leads are great for each one though as they each have their own strengths for their specific city, I don't have a particular favourite but if I was pushed it would probably be Horatio Caine - CSI Miami

    My favourite girls would be:-

    Calleigh Duquesne - CSI Miami
    Catherine Willows - CSI Las Vegas
    Stella Bonasera - CSI New York

    Wow - am I obsessed or what???!

    Who are your favs then?
  2. I watch them all, but I LOVE Las Vegas the best. It just seems more "smart" to me than the others.
  3. I love love love CSI Las Vegas! Catherine Willow & Nick Stokes are my favorites!!
  4. I only ever watch CSI (Vegas) these days, I love Grissom. Gave up on NY early on, didn't like it much, can't really say why. I did like Miami at the start but Horatio just got too annoying after a while, something about the way he speaks and his mannerisms...
  5. CSI LAS VEgAS!!!

    I went to the CSI Experience in Chicago a few weeks ago at the Museum of Science and Industry...I wish it was a bit more "challenging" but it is aimed to all ages...
  6. I'm torn between Vegas & Miami I just couldn't get into New York
  7. I love Vegas and New York. I find it hard to get into Miami as Horatio Caine seems to talk really really slow. haha. I even went to the set of CSI: las vegas while they were filming. I was able to explore the set and even to go the morgue! it was kinda creepy...
  8. Miami only...can't get into the others. As for characters, I can't figure out why I like Horatio Caine. :confused1:
  9. Ditto! Especially the last sentence! :nuts: My bf and I laugh at him because he is annoying! lol He cocks his head to one side in every scene and has that way that he speaks, you are SO right.....haha. So we're not the only ones.
  10. :roflmfao:......I'm cracking up here. I thought I was the only one who was thinking these things.
    No.................I guess...............I'm........not. LOL!
  11. CSI Miami is my favorite. I tried to watch the other ones, but I didn't like them as much.

    I have to agree. Horatio Caine does talk really slow. Which is weird, because everyone else speaks at a normal pace.
  12. CSI Vegas is my favorite, then New York, then Miami.

    I was watching reruns of early season CSI NY and it actually was painful to get through - once they replaced Aidan with 'Montana' it became much, much better. On CSI Miami I was sad to see Speed go.

    Plus Miami annoys me with the silly subtitle things... and I think that Horatio is kinda creepy.

    There was a random business article comparing the management styles of the 3 leaders, and it basically said that H micro-manages, Grissom is too lax, and that Mac gives the best amount of leeway and guidance. Heh, I thought it was interesting, and would agree on Mac being the best boss.

  13. :tup: i totally agree! i LOVE the vegas show.. love it! as much as i adore gary sinise, he is no match for "gil grissom"!!! i despise csi miami.. it is SO over the top and unlike miami.. that and the faux spanish accent horatio likes to use when he speaks spanish drives me insane!
  14. I've just got my friend into CSI. She asked which one was the best and why and I had to think about it.

    I said that CSI Las Vegas was the only mostly about the actual job and the detection side of it - you don't really know anything about the characters out of work (by the way - what happened to Warrick's wife???).

    CSI Miami was very glam - showed a decent amount of the job although a lot of it is the interviews - it is the only one that seems to have a background story line about the characters outside work as well.

    CSI New York is the more gruesome of them all - again you don't really know too much about the characters themselves and you don't really see too much of the analysis.

    My favourite episode is CSI New York when Danny got shut in the Panic Room of that strange bloke and not only took his shirt off!!!! Woof!!! but had to improvise and do the tests with what he had around him.
  15. CSI Las Vegas. I tried to watch NY and Miami but didn't get into them as much.