Crystal's Collection

  1. Okay here is my collection.

    I took these pictures and had planned on posting them a while ago but have been too busy. I KNOW I didn't get everything I own however as some moving boxes are packed. It's scattered, not all in one photo and not very well organized so I apologize for that. We are supposed to close on our new house on Feb 1! WHEW Finally! Maybe then I can actually organize all of my bags!?! Don't hold your breath however. I would probably have much better luck at using everything if I could actually get to it all. I have some vintage Gucci's that I keep for sentimental reasons as well But I have no clue where those are packed up.

    Did I write a novel? LOL Anyhoo, here you go...
    silverspeedygoldpap.JPG DamierAzur.JPG mandarinepi.JPG collection photo.JPG pouchette2.JPG
  2. Awesome collection :smile:

    thanks for posting and no you didnt write a novel :smile:
  3. Great collection.
  4. Thanks, it's growing by the day! LOL

    If I get around to pulling out my other LV's and take photos I will post them.
  5. Awesome collection! who made that mandarin bag? It is stunning!!
  6. I love your collection!
  7. Very nice! Love the Mandarin color and I am dying for the Groom Agenda in red! Let me know if you want to part with it!
  8. them all!!! I see you ended up keeping the satin LV evening is so..pretty!!! Is it easier to open now???
  9. Thanks, it is a Louis Vuitton Epi Jasmin!
  10. Okay that is one back I actually don't own any longer. I must have taken these pictures right before I did. I had been thinking about getting my bags together forever but I am lazy. LV agreed with me and did confirm that bag was defective so I guess that bag is going to the incinerator. LOL :wtf:
  11. Oh my gosh!!!! I didn't know you had all those pretty Lv's!!!! I am so glad you posted them. You have great taste! I really love the evening bag! :love: Everthing is FABULOUS!!!!
  12. Forgot about these. If I can get out my mono necklace I will take pictures of that. Try not to hold your breath though. LOL We are in the midst of packing!

    Lexington and Monogram shawl modeled by my son. LOL
    shawl.JPG redvernis.JPG
  13. It's good to finally see what all you have in your collection!!! :nuts:
  14. Lovely collection!!
  15. Gorgeous collection! I've never seen a collection in such pristine condition! You must take such good care of them!