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Sep 6, 2006
Okay here is my collection.

I took these pictures and had planned on posting them a while ago but have been too busy. I KNOW I didn't get everything I own however as some moving boxes are packed. It's scattered, not all in one photo and not very well organized so I apologize for that. We are supposed to close on our new house on Feb 1! WHEW Finally! Maybe then I can actually organize all of my bags!?! Don't hold your breath however. I would probably have much better luck at using everything if I could actually get to it all. I have some vintage Gucci's that I keep for sentimental reasons as well But I have no clue where those are packed up.

Did I write a novel? LOL Anyhoo, here you go...


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    74.7 KB · Views: 412 them all!!! I see you ended up keeping the satin LV evening is so..pretty!!! Is it easier to open now???

Okay that is one back I actually don't own any longer. I must have taken these pictures right before I did. I had been thinking about getting my bags together forever but I am lazy. LV agreed with me and did confirm that bag was defective so I guess that bag is going to the incinerator. LOL :wtf:
Oh my gosh!!!! I didn't know you had all those pretty Lv's!!!! I am so glad you posted them. You have great taste! I really love the evening bag! :love: Everthing is FABULOUS!!!!
Forgot about these. If I can get out my mono necklace I will take pictures of that. Try not to hold your breath though. LOL We are in the midst of packing!

Lexington and Monogram shawl modeled by my son. LOL


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