Crystalized cell phones

  1. I was wondering what do guys think about crystalized cell phones in general?

    Here is mine: What do you think? :smile:

    (pics taken by me)


    phonefront.jpg phoneback.jpg phoneside.jpg
  2. ohhh. SHINY! i like alot!
  3. maggiesze1 i love your phone it's so cute's mine, although i'll probably be switching to a new one soon :yes:
    phone front.jpg phone back.jpg
  4. Thanks girls for the compliments! :smile:

    jc2239~ I love the design and the colors that u used for ur phone! Its so pretty! :nuts:
  5. It is cute on certain phones but I have the Juicy Sidekick 2 so I thought that bejeweling it would be alittle overboard:smile:
  6. is it true that acrylic crystals will kill your cell/ipod battery?
  7. That's so cute, i love it!!
  8. I've thought about peaching my phone but I'm worried it will look good for maybe 2 months and then crystals would fall off.

    Have you experienced crystals falling off? I thought they just glued them on...
  9. purly i did my phone myself and i've had very little problems with crystals falling off (and it's been years).......the only time one or two rhinestones have fallen off has been when i've dropped my phone from a distance of like 3 feet in the air......and that's an impact hard enough to make my phone start acting up and turning on and off and stuff so it's understandable that a rhinestone or two would fall off......also, keep in the mind the smaller the rhinestone you use the less likely it is to fall off but you shouldn't let that be a factor....the glue is very strong and as long as you don't abuse your phone horribly it shoudl be fine :yes:
  10. jc2239, you are very artistic!
  11. i really want to do my phone, ive just got the new krazr phone but love the glass bit on the front so i would do the back and sides, however im not artistic at all and dont know anywhere around my area that does them!
  12. I know that Nycpeach can do it for you. Here is their website: NYC PEACH * Join the Style Revolution!

  13. Ive had mine since september last year and I only lost two! But I had extras in a little bag (I had mine done) and I stuck them on with no problems! Its still looks extra pretty! (mine is the old motorola razr, but i refuse to change it as its so original!)
  14. Oh my gosh girl!! Maybe you should get into the phone crystalizing business!! lol You're quite talented. I'll pay you to do my phone, mmkay?! :lol: :heart:
  15. I thought it was too much at first, but now I am thinking about doing that to my scratched up less then glamourous phone.