Crystal Rock and Republic Jeans

  1. Hi all, everywhere I have gone (store wise and online wise), I can't seem to find a pair of r&r crystals at all!! Does anyone know where I can locate a pair online preferably since no stores in my area have any?
    There was this gorgeous pair I saw this girl wearing- it had lime green crystals!
    Thanks in advanced
  2. HERE is a pair. i havent looked what else that site has in stock in terms of r&r, it changes constantly.

    good luck!
  3. DO NOT buy from that site - they sell all fake jeans!! Honestforum has several threads about this site and other discount jean sites. Pretty much, if the site only sells discounted jeans - it is most likely fakes.

    I would check out Honestforum's Honest Mall - there are TONS of R&Rs being sold right now by its forum members. Or Authenticforum's Mall, they are free to sign up.
  4. yeah jeanshotspot is serious the devil. too many people come running to HF and AF about them getting ripped off from that site.
  5. oh and on the jeanshopt spot. NOTIFY jeans are spelled NOTIFLY and BEBE jeans are sold along with these brand names.
    anyone who purchases premium denim would wonder why BEBE (no offense to anyone) would be sold with brands such as TR, ROCKS, Seven etc...
  6. thanks you guys
    Any other info like picture references and price ranges would be great!
    How do owners of them like them? Do the crystals ever fall off??
    Thanks again!
  7. I have them, I bought them last year when they were everywhere. They do not make them anymore. BUT TJ MAXX had the ones without the crystals for $59.99! Check there!
  8. I have them too, they have not only lime-coloured crystals but rainbow-ish ones making the "R" shape on both back pockets
    I got mine from Aritzia: Aritzia (not listed on the site). I bought it last year though, so I am not sure if they still have them. If you happen to visit Aritzia and the store does not carry them, ask them to order one for you hold one at a nearby store if available
    I am sorry if you are not Canadian, for Aritzia is only located in Canada for all I know
    They were $295 CAD without taxes to be exact (I think.......LOL) and I think they are so smoking hot!
  9. i did not know that. good thing ive never bought from them then:wtf:
  10. On HM and AM, new R&Rs usually sell between $100-$150. A lot of their members scooped up tons of the R&R crystal crowns when they were all on sale at Century 21 and Marshalls, and are selling them there or on eBay. There are picture guides under the R&R sections of gals wearing their jeans. The crystals should remain intact if you wash cold and hang dry, but even if they do fall off they are pretty inexpensive to replace and glue back on.
  11. i actually saw some in filene's basement in NYC for only like $100 i got a pair of R&R but not with the crystals
  12. i have a pair from like 2 years ago when they first came out... they still have some around but in toronto here theres tons and tons of stores that sell them so they are widely available. as for online, u really gotta try on these jeans, unless u already have a pair with no crystals so u know what size u need.
  13. It sucks because i can never find a good looking crystal pair at my local Saks or Nordstrom!
    and we don't have Neiman Marcus where i live
  14. i just found a pair at filene's basement ($99.99), too bad they didn't fit so they gotta go to ebay.