Crystal GG Fabric - Hot or Not?

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  1. Hi Everyone:

    I am a Gucci fan - have ventured into LV recently, but am being drawn back in by Gucci with their Hysteria line. I was just in the Gucci boutique today and looked at the Crystall GG fabric large square hysteria bag and the clutch (which is huge btw).

    I like the idea of the crystal, but also am torn about it because I can't decide if it looks cheap or fakey?

    I am sitting on the fence, so need some guidance..

    What do you guys think about the Crystal GG fabric on the Hysterias...
    hot or not to so hot?
  2. I like the crystal fabric on certain bags, mostly the smaller ones. I think it might be a bit too much on the really large bags though.
  3. i have a smaller crystal bag and i love to whether other people think it's fake or not WHO CARES lol....if they dont know enough about gucci and what type of fabrics are out now, i could care less if they think my bag is fake! I KNOW and fellow gucci lovers will know ;) thats all that matters
  4. Now, that's the spirit! Which one did you get?
    I am drooling over the hysteria clutch - not the tiny one, the larger's really like a medium purse - lol. Comparing it to my LV Kate Cllutch, it's large.
    I think I might snag it.

    How is the Crystal holding up for you?
  5. OOH, that one is nice! haha, I might!
  6. I have the gold joy boston bag with the crystal GG fabric, and it looks great! I was also concerned how it would like, but when I saw it at the boutique, I had to have it. I get so many compliments when I use it, so try it on and see if you like it.
  7. I love the Crystal fabric but not on the Hysteria.....
  8. i have one of the first ones that came out in that fabric and i have no idea what it's called but it is the monogram crystal and has these super cute bows on it! :smile:
  9. OOOH, can you post a pic? It probably is part of the hysteria collection - those have bows,...but maybe not?
  10. Not for me
  11. I can't decide if I like it either. I think I do... but then I don't know haha. I like the way it looks on gucci . com but I've never seen one in real life so I don't know how shiney it is or anything or what it feels like.
  12. Haha, okay...I have seen it 2x in person now by going to the boutique over the last 2 months. I usually think about a bag for a long time and if it keeps bugging me - I usually get it.

    The crystal was there the first time I saw it and my initial reaction was that I did not like it..and my friend said she loved it immediately. So, I touched it and felt it and tried it on.

    I was not that impressed the first time...BUT, then I went back to look at something else - and then looked at the crystal again - in hysteria.

    I actually liked it in the Hysteria clutch - you know that is a huge clutch/wristlet
    Anyway...I also tried on the large top handle hysteria tote the really big one - and was a lilttle more impressed by it this time.

    I love big bags and this one is huge...and the crystal is polyutherane according to the SA. I have to say that I started thinking about the many uses of this bag - she thinks it's a day bag...I think I can make it work at any time..
    but, it can get wet and may serve well as a throw around bag for when you have to worry about the bag, but still want to wear a nice one...

    I pictured myself with it while wearing jeans or shorts or in my Orlando mini vacation next weekend - and I keep thinking about these two more and more...

    am I crazy? I would get both the clutch and the large the crystal...I think I can find some good uses for them...

    Maybe I should get the clutch in crystal and the large hysteria in some other guccisima brown leather - that may make more sense..

    I wish they would offer it in pink guccissima leather - that would be hot!
  13. I think it is not too bad esp since it is more water-resistant than the normal GG fabric.
  14. I think the crystal GG fabric is gorgeous - especially on the Hysteria collection! When I saw it at the boutique, I thought it looked rich and not fake or cheap at all. I still want the Hysteria shoulder bag in the crystal GG fabric. It looked so pretty on the website but unfortunately it was sold out at the boutique.