crystal fell off.

  1. so i bought the celestial cell lanyard on eBay a little bit back.
    well, one of the crystals fell out of the star.
    will coach do anything about this? hopefully? :sweatdrop:
  2. anyone? please? :s
  3. I have no idea, hope someone can help you!

    I've heard of the crystals falling out of the cell lanyards a lot though. :sad:
  4. i've already decided that from now on if i get one with crystals,
    i'll put a thin layer of superglue over it.

    but its a little too late for my beautiful star. :sad:
  5. Thats too bad. My sister has the crystal lozenge key fob that I bought for her at the outlet and crystals are falling out of that one left and right! I won't buy another crystal piece, even though I really like the new crystal shoe lanyard!
  6. I have the heart crystal cell phone charm and almost all of the crystals have fallen out. I wish I thought of the superglue thing! Thats a great idea!
  7. Does that superglue thing work? I did that once, and it took the sparkle away! (It wasn't a Coach anything...I'd be SO scared!!!)

  8. wow. i never thought of that. :wtf:
    i don't want it to lose it's sparkle!
    thats why i like it. :p

    i guess you're right though.
    because then the facets are under a layer. :push:
  9. that's why I don't buy anything pave. The crystals always fall out. I doubt there's anything that can be done for a keychain.
  10. You could apply the super glue around the crystals, therefore putting the glue in the only spot needed, where the crystals are attach to the metal.
  11. that happened to my keyfob too :sad: its so sad :sad:
  12. yea, i have a cell lanyard with a star with crystals. two crystals fell off last year. it's sort of inevitable, coach charms with crystals on it will eventually fall off, or are likely to.

    i spoke to one coach SA in San Francisco, and she gave me a good piece of advice she found from another coach client. paint clear nail polish over the charm, it will totally hold your crystals in. :nuts: that's pretty smart.
  13. Thanks I keep this in mind :yes:
  14. I had the pave snowflake key chain and after a few months (maybe 2) almost 25 crystals fell off!! i took it to the coach store and asked what I should do.. the SA was so unhelpful, didn't seem sympathetic at all. just told me to send to coach for $20 repair...

    what i did was:
    went to bead/rhinestone shop purchased replacement stones (about 11 cents each) and glued them in myself. The original stones continue to fall off, but the ones I glued in arn't!
  15. Yes I hear about that happening alot with these. I wont buy anything with crystals because of that. I also know that sometimes clear nail polish over the item works to keep the crystals in, but I dont know about it dulling the sparkle or not.