Crystal Embellished Purse - Love it or hate it?

  1. Crystal Embellished Purse
    Black rectangular silk evening purse. Miu Miu purse has crystal embellishment on front, ruching along top, a rigid snap opening, a metallic Miu Miu logo on base and a grosgrain strap. 8 x 5 x .5". $550.00USD.

    A cute evening style which is big enough to hold just the essentials - a great gift idea.

  2. I think it's cute!
  3. I don't love it..but I don't hate it either....It is cute!
  4. I have to say I'm not a fan. It seems rather tacky and definitely dated. That's ok though because there are a ton of other miu miu bags i'm obsessed with!!
  5. ^^ITA- it's a little butch for my tastes.
  6. Does nothing for me I'm afraid
  7. I first read the title "Crystal Embellished" and thought it would be a little tacky, but I think it's well-done and youthful...I'm afraid I'm not in love with it either, but it's closer towards love than hate.