Crystal Earrings

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has a stock of the CHANEL CC crystal earrings. People are already starting to buy these for Christmas presents, so I'm sure they will be selling out well before Christmas. They currently retail for $225.
    Crystal Earrings.JPG
  2. Thanks! It looks nice!
  3. I know, they're pretty cute.
  4. I just got them! They are awesome!
  5. ahh i want them !

    thanks for the info
  6. chanelboy - can you tell us the different sizes/prices of these earrings? Think Santa might want to put a pair in my stocking! ;) I think there are small and medium earrings? Do you have measurements?
  7. CHANEL used to make a size smaller in these earrings, however I believe they have discontinued them now (correct me if I am wrong ladies). There is also a size larger, too. We do not have the larger ones in stock at the moment, though.

    These ones are roughly the size of a dime.
  8. ^^Thanks!
  9. I have ordered the earrings, will receive them this Friday!
  10. Yay!
  11. Is that so? I called a Chanel boutique last month and there's still stock of the small one for $195..
  12. Just so everyone knows, the crystal logo earrings will be increased in price to $240 on November 1st.
  13. Ah, love them and have yet to purchase them. I may need to do that before November's increase.
  14. They're very versitile, they can easily be casual or semi-dressy.
  15. i was just in Nordies at MOA yesterday! i saw these beauties. i have a question though - are they mixed metal? sterling silver? basically, i need to know if they contain any nickel...i'm allergic to it! thanks!