crystal chanel cc much does it retail for??

  1. im looking at a pair on eBay and i just wanna know what the retail is.

    thanks in advance
  2. If they are the same ones I have, retail was $210.
  3. Depends on the size- I think they start at $130/$150?? and go up.
  4. thanks everyone! i know it says they are hard to get or something but i dont really wanna pay over retail.
  5. eBay jacks up the price and tells lies about them being hard to find. They have them at my NM and boutique all the time, they're just not on display. My large ones were $210.
  6. I agree. These might be "hard to find" but if you ask around, you can definitely find them. My bf got them for me and they were the last ones at our local NM but the SA said you can get more if you request them. Try to buy them from a store if you can because if you buy them from eBay and the crystals fall out, you can't do anything about them and Chanel will NOT replace them for you.
  7. I have the large ones as well.

    Have your crystals fallen out or anything? I dropped on and the crystal fell out and now I'm heartbroken.

    What do you think I can do about the earring with the missing crystal?
    Do I have any options?
  8. Also, I was at NM in Scottsdale, AZ with my Grandma when we purchased my crystal CC's so I know they are authentic, but what can I do about the crystal falling out?
  9. Eh, this is a really old thread. But I wanted to ask if these are still in boutiques? I've seen the mini-sized ones but my SA (in Singapore) told me that the large ones were discontinued. :sad:

    As for crystals falling out, you can glue them back yourself (if you have the crystals) or simply send it in at the boutique for repair for a tiny fee.
  10. ^ My boy got me ones January 2008 from Sydney they said the large ones are the standard ones and the mini are only ocassionally brought out??