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  1. i dont like them much mayb a couple of crystals but definately not that many!
  2. I like the last one... but it might be too much for me to carry around all the time
  3. the link doesn't work for me and i can't see the pic, but if it's those bedazzled cellphones, but careful! you void your manufacture's warranty (same goes for a bedazzled ipod) if you modify the case in any way, including putting crystals on it, so if anything, even things non-case-related, go wrong with the device, they'll refuse to fix it and you'll be out a couple hundred bucks!

    oh the things you learn working at best buy
  4. Don't be taken in by these, they're poorly designed with too-large stones. I do this stuff as a hobby, and know crappy when I see it. Stick to NYC Peach if you want it done well, or find an independent craftperson, but don't be fooled by the Bling Ring kits or these guys. Even the Jennie Oz phones aren't great, she cheaps out and uses large stones.
    You can tell if a designer is cutting corners by the size of the stone (2.6 mm is really ideal. these look like 3.2 mm) and the pattern used. Shifting each line by one-half stone width maximizes the number of stones and allows for nice, crisp designs. These guys line the stones up one on top of the other, which leaves too much space in between. They also place stones very irregularly, which looks sloppy.
    It's not hard to do yourself, just takes patience and time and a little practice.
  5. tacky.
  6. Not a favorite of mine!:sad2:
  7. Here are pics of my tacky cell phone. I did it myself with my sorority logo. I are prepared to buy new cell when this messes up but in the meantime I was so proud of myself to have the patience to do it. :nuts:

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  8. thats cute^.:amuse:
  9. Ginger that looks really cute! How long did it take you?
  10. Thanks..I finished it in 4 days but I was doing it off and on and using the phone the whole time. :nuts: I enjoy doing crafty things.
  11. I did my own phone too....i hope u guys like's kinda on the tacky side but at the time i was obsessed with rhinestones.....

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  12. I have actually had three cell phones done by Jenny Oz( for those of you who dont know her, she is of the famous restraunt Tavern on the Green in NYC). I have been happy with mine, nothing has come of and they look great. I am actually considering having my laptop done my her.
  13. I wish I had the skill to put all those together! jc2239 I LOVE your phone! That's cuter that cute!!! hehe
  14. awwww....thanks soso's always nice to have ur handiwork appreciated....:shame: