Crystal CC logo earring help PLEASE!!

  1. Ok, my story is kind of complicated, but after seeing a fellow tPFers new MINI CC logo earrings at a price of $185, which is what she said it was AND the Chanel SA at Nordstrom, whom she bought them from, said it was, I called all around to find them. (The Nordstrom had sold out during the holidays).

    The only information that I was given was about a pair that were supposedly the "minis" because they were the size of a pea, for $225, style number A26210Y02003.

    I was also told that there was a MINI MINI size a while back that sold for $195, style number A15476Y02004.

    I have no idea which is the one I was originally looking for, and I have no idea how small these mini mini earrings are! The system showed that there were a very limited quantity of these anyways, so I don't even know if I'll be able to get these.

    The style numbers don't match and the prices don't match, and I am very confused!

    Could someone please help me clarify if possible? And if someone has the mini minis from a few seasons back, could they post pictures/modeling pictures? It would be so helpful! I've wanted these for so long!
  2. hi ladies... sorry to dig this old thread...
    im also very interested to know the size that are available.
    if possible... pics of diff size of cc earring taken side by side

    thanks! =D
  3. The mini is TINYYY and not worth it IMO...the middle one $225 or something is OK for everyday....the largest one $240 is perfect for occasional days and dressing up. I would HIGHLY recommend the $240 one because it's dramatic but not too flashy. It's not an everyday size but that's the point sometimes.
  4. I think the mini ones are $240. I bought them but returned them. Not worth it to me.
  5. this is what I got from eBay .. sorry no credits cuz they didn`t watermark it and i forgot where i DL it from =<

    I think the largest size in the pic is only seasonal... i *think*

    I just bought the same pair in the picture for $150 .. I am not sure if it`s the 2nd largest or largest size though... haven`t recieved them yet

    Hope that helps!
  6. i got the same pair (the last one from the left) for $150+ tax at Chanel Boutique SCP, CA in 2008.... i have no clue if they still sell it now thou.