Cryptic Messages from Bosses... WTF!

  1. I am so frustrated right now. I just had a "talking to" from the student supervisor about my cell phone usage. Let me fill you in:

    I started working in this office 2 1/2 months ago. I have been working really hard and unlike other people in the office, I actually ask for work to do. My coworkers play on their computers and take their phones off the hook to chat.

    The asst. manager always keeps her phone on. It rings obnoxiously while we're on the phone with customers and then she freaks out and says "oh dear" and takes the call in the office. So the other day, she made a 5 minute phone call to her husband on her cell phone in the office. Since I was NEVER told it wasn't ok to take cell phone calls and I've seen her do it many many times I made a very short phone call to my boyfriend about switching our keys.

    Then she turned around and told me that it was against office policy to use our cell phones in the office! I said to her "Well, no one ever told me not to and I've seen you take numerous calls on your cell phone so I thought it was ok." Then she told me that it was ok to step out and make phone calls.

    So yesterday, I stepped out when my doctor called. I have many health problems and have been trying to get in with a specialist. I didn't feel comfortable talking about it in the office so I stepped out. No one said anything to me and I thought it was ok since my asst. manager said it was ok.

    Then today, I made a quick call to Neiman Marcus in the lobby before we even opened to have my correct shoe mailed to me and the wrong one mailed back. It took no more than 3 mins.

    An hour later, a student supervisor asked me to step into the manager's office and he admonished me for using my cell phone "too much." He even said "people are watching you." WTF does THAT mean? Then he said "you know it's ok to take a phone call occasionally but you were on the phone all day yesterday." And I wasn't, it was a 5 min phone call. These two calls are the only times I've EVER used it in the office! But my asst. manager does it all the time. It's so unfair. Why didn't she just tell me NOT to use it? Why didn't my boss tell me NOT to use it? Why do I have to try and decode all these cryptic messages?

    Why didn't they just come right out and tell me NOT to use my cell phone!?!
  2. Sometimes bosses are a real treat arent they? I lost my job when I was 17 at Sears because of manager's mistakes so I feel for you. Eventually what goes around comes around. If the manager told you to talk on the phone outside beacuse she does it, then the next day reprimands you for it eventually she herself will get caught as well. The manager who caused me to lose my job ended up getting fired about 3 months later.
  3. I'm the type who would have defended myself, saying that it was only a 5 minute phone call and that your supervisor (who is supposed to be setting an example for you, takes private phone calls throughout the day and told you that it was okay to take phone calls outside of the office). I wouldn't put up with that sort of s$^#...But that's just me
  4. I think there's a big difference between someone who has worked there for 2.5 months taking personal calls on her cell phone versus someone who has been there longer. You probably thought that since everyone else does it, it must be okay. Even if you share the same title as your more senior co-workers who do use their cell phones, you obviously don't have the liberties they do. I don't think there's a way to argue your way out of that, whether you're right or not. I can totally see where you're coming from, but pointing out something that your boss does and saying that this thus affords you the right to do the same is a bad card to play -- she's your boss, after all. I would just take the warning and stop taking calls on your cell phone. Maybe after you've been there a while, they'll ease up on you. Good luck!
  5. I totally agree. Even though it sucks and sounds unfair because your other coworkers are doing it; personal calls aren’t supposed to be made while you are at work. Most companies strictly enforce that. Use your break or lunch hour to make them always.

    It sounds like you work in a pretty small office? I used to work in a small office and it sounded similar. The newly hired employees always got more heat for doing personal calls/internet while the manager and older employees completely got away with it. That is just sadly how it went until you earn your place and respect within the office.
  6. I would either read the employee handbook or ask your manager to enlighten you on the correct policy for personal calls. By doing so, you will eliminate any confusion about what to do and not to do. In the meantime, save the personal calls for breaks and lunch hour...many companies don't like to see employees using on the clock time for personal calls.
  7. For only having been there for 2.5 months, I think your reply may have been a little abrasive and disrespectful. Even if you think/know your office manager is in the wrong, you are the new person and this is a very delicate and important time for you where first impressions are everything. You have to show respect to your superiors and if they reprimand you, just apologize and politely explain how you weren't too sure about this policy but now you know and it won't happen again. If you come off as being defensive right away about this issue, you may be branded for your whole employ as being difficult. Do your personal calls on breaks and at lunchtime only. Even if you see others breaking the rules, that doesn't give you license to do the same. Your bosses will respect you if they see that in spite of what your peers are doing that you are a good responsible employee. Be a good example. Sometimes people are just waiting for you to fail. Don't give them the satisfaction.
  8. You can be sure that I will only ever make personal calls on break or lunch again. I was just confused because my main boss told me it was ok to talk on my cell phone in the lobby but today I got in trouble for it? I was just frustrated because no one ever seems to just come out and say what they mean at my office. Today, when I had my "talking to" he told me that it was ok to take cell phone calls. But I'm in trouble for it at the same time.

    I'm upset about the complete lack of consistency. I definitely feel like a target in the office and I don't know why. I work a lot harder than my coworkers. Maybe it's because I'm new. I'm not exactly the most outgoing person either. My office is very cliquey and I'm the only one not in the clique because I'm new. My coworkers never invite me to eat with them or go to the bar but all of them go together.

    I want to stick it out since this job is super close to where I live and the hours are good. I'm just going to keep to myself like I've been doing and try not to walk on anyone's toes.
  9. people like to give you a hard time when you are new at a job to "break you in"

    i'd just take the information that was given to you, and be very discreet when using a phone

    if you can live with it, just hang in there and be respectful. if you can't then look for a new job.

    it should ease up after you have been there a while, people like to give new people a hard time. especially management that have been there for years.

    good luck
  10. Very good advice! :tup:
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate America! Get used to it cause it doesn't get any better!:lol:

    Good policy but be careful you aren't being perceived as just having an anti-social attitude. Always have a smile and kind words for everyone.

    Cause you are the new person. I hate this but it seems to be a dynamic that is in every workplace that has ever existed. It is very primal and tribal. Unless people are completely secure in themselves and their place in the world they have to pick on the new person until they are sure they like them or not. Its really stupid. Its almost like you are an intruder and until they are sure of you you are a threat (very primitive attitude)

    again, human nature at its worst. you will find this in every job you will ever have. just make sure if you are ever "accepted" somewhere and become part of one of these cliques that you never treat new people likewise. The trend of acceptance has to start somewhere - why not with you?

    When they feel you are part of their permanent "tribe" they eventually will. Be a kind, cool person that works hard (but doesn't have to remind people of how hard you work) and people will warm up to you. If not, then just remember you are there to provide a service to your employer in exchange for financial compensation - you are not there to make friends and enlarge your social circle. You can be kind to people without having to be everyones best buddy.

    Sorry to be so long winded but I have alot to say having been in the workforce since I was 15 (I am now 44) and have seen this scenario over and over again. Someones gotta benefit from my pain!:yes:
  12. ^ wow! Talk about office politics. I happen to think that it was very rude of her to tell you not to use you cell phone after she just finished using hers. That's a pathetic play for power, and underhanded they they would go to the boss about it. Quite honestly, if that's the type of person, or people they are, who wants to go out for drinks with them?! All these pathetic people who need others to feed their egos. Lame.
    and that's my take on it. Whether that is the corporate world or not, its still not right.
  13. it does indeed suck. you can't change people though. thats why I've had a few different jobs in my day! I stayed mobile....:lol:
  14. It is probably in your best interest to stay somewhat detached from the office "clique". It's unfortunate that some people never leave high school behind and find a way to alienate others in an attempt to boost their self confidence. You don't need to be a part of the group to do a good job and earn respect.

  15. sorry for your trouble - I have only few times experienced this kind of office clique thing - the last office I worked at was the best atmosphere ever with a demanding but understanding boss and great co -workers. oh, I miss that place...

    anyway, sounds like a lot of supervision - :rolleyes:. personally I like to be friendly but I don't want to get involved too closely with co-workers - i don't like internal politics and I just want to do my job and that is it. for me socialising is out of the office wiht other people. but if you want to get involved it is just a matter of time until you are part of the group.