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  1. bought a blois from ebay but the seller did not tell me the damage below.:crybaby:
    is it normal?can i repair it?thanks
  2. i can't really see the pic!! anyway maybe u can contact ur local LV and see what they can do....hope it all works out for ya :smile:
  3. I can't see either but I agree with Priscilla. I would take it to LV and see what they can do. Also, you should ask the people at the ebay subforum about what would be the best course to do if you want to cancel the transaction, they always know what to do and are really helpful.
  4. Yes, I don't understand the picture, either. Do you have a better picture?

    I know that LV can repair the item if the canvas isn't cracked/damaged. Is it the leather?
  5. I cant really see the picture.
  6. Quick question: is that the outside pocket of the blois? If so, what exactly is wrong with it...?
  7. thanks.
    it is outside pocket of blois.the leather part is all broken in black .
  8. what's the link to the auction? does the seller give you any chance to return it?
  9. better?
  10. Oooh...sorry the seller did not disclose this (I looked up who you were talking about, btw); too bad she doesn't accept returns :sad:. I'm sorry. I *think* this is salvageable (but it may be expensive considering it's a pocket and it's leather). Go to the boutique, and ask for their advice...hopefully, you can get it fixed.
  11. You can certainly file a dispute with eBay/ PayPal as ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED if seller did not disclose damage in the auction listing. Also call your CC company right away and file a chargeback (if you paid by CC).

    A decent seller will refund your money IMO.
  12. Her return policy DOES NOT matter in the eyes of Paypal & Ebay. If you are in any way unhappy immediately file an "Item not described" dispute with paypal. You will get your money refunded minus the shipping costs, and you are responsible for return shipping. Make sure to ship it back with delivery confirmation.
    Good luck...and sorry that happened!
  13. Addy and Twiggers - that is GREAT to know since the seller's description made me worried, and I've seen the auction...
  14. Thanks all of you.
    waiting for the reply of the seller
  15. Yes, that is a common problem with that bag when it comes from a humid enviornment. It's gotten wet and sticky and broken down. It shouldv'e been disclosed to you.