Crying when going to sleep

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  1. So how do ya'lls babies go to sleep? My DS (4 months) tries to fight his sleep so bad that he cries and cries and there is nothing i can do to comfort him. It doens't matter idf we are at home or in the car. It's not relux, hunger, gas, poopies or anything he's just tired and wants to stay up and party! Will this ever pass?
  2. Yes, it will pass :smile: When? I don't know..

    I was pretty lucky with my kids...they're all good sleepers and rarely do we have the issue of crying to sleep. Does your son have any type of routine when it comes to napping and sleeping?
  3. How long does he cry? My ped said 5-10 mins is normal.
  4. ^ yea 5-10 minutes or so. never longer than that and it's rarely a screaming bloody murder cry. it's just hard when we are out and he fusses and fusses. i'm hoping by the time he is 6 months or so he will outgrow the crying.
  5. My daughter pulls the tops of her ears to help her stay awake! Nice huh? She hates to sleep. I think she feels like she is going to miss something. I usually let her tire herself out.
  6. I put mine to bed he's same age as yours, when he's wide awake smiling, laughing, babbling, and when I leave the room he'd find a way to fall asleep quietly on his own. He doesn't like to sleep either but once tucked in and kissed goodnight he just does.
  7. Is his room dim and quiet? Have you tried putting your baby to bed an hour earlier? Both my boys fought sleep as well and it would go on for hours... no naps either!
  8. ^ yea we have tried an hour earlier. he normally goes to sleep between 8 and 9pm at night. His room is dark, we only have a tiny nightlight and we play a cd that has the heartbeat on it etc. But this is with a daytime nap or nightly sleeping. So it's more of him fighting it. I'm just waiting for the day he just drifts off to sleep. :woohoo:
  9. Oh we have the same thing, it breaks my heart!!